A Greater In A Sentence

How To Use A Greater In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps it will come back at a greater altitude.
  • There cannot be a greater villain than the one we know of.
  • But a greater was meant by some earnest one.
  • Could absurdity be carried to a greater height?
  • Law makes him to a greater extent a means.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Greater | A Greater Sentence

  • Never was there a greater mistake.
  • Is there a greater blessing than this?
  • Death has a greater power.
  • Can there be a greater wrong?
  • But there is a greater reason than all these.
  • But he had a greater glory.
  • It is a greater bracer.
  • There could not be a greater mistake.
  • There could not be a greater delusion.
  • There never was a greater mistake.
  • It was a greater problem than usual.
  • But there is a greater treat in store for you.
  • A greater difficulty is the natives.
  • Then came a greater shock.
  • There could not be a greater mistake.
  • There could not be a greater mistake.
  • I run a greater risk than you.
  • A greater villain does not exist.
  • But a greater triumph was in store.
  • A greater humiliation remained.
  • Sometimes they built at a greater distance.
  • A greater tonic was acting.
  • It may be a greater spirit than that of any individual.
  • I have not attempted to rear them at a greater age.
  • The process was typical of a greater one.
  • But yet there is immediately a greater and fuller.
  • There were a few guests from even a greater distance.
  • But his claim is even a greater one.
  • Had they ever had a greater bargain offered to them?
  • He flogged his horses to a greater effort.
  • A greater discovery was already at the door.
  • Where do we find a greater or a better queen?
  • They considered him a greater doctor than all the doctors.
  • At that time a greater laxity prevailed.
  • But this time there was a greater than ordinary interest.
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