A Handful In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Handful | A Handful Sentence

  • They are only a handful.
  • They being but a handful.
  • Throw in a handful of salt.
  • In it was a handful of orchids.
  • He had a handful of flowers.
  • A handful against a million?
  • I had a handful soon!
  • Put a handful of salt into the water.
  • He gave me a handful of maize.
  • Harding stooped and took up a handful.
  • He can hide in a handful of shadow.
  • When he came out he had a handful of cigars.
  • But she gave her a handful of wool.
  • Mix with them a handful of wheat flour.
  • Would not a handful of gold bind them to me?
  • Loring drew out a handful of bills.
  • Lynch picked up a handful of papers.
  • A handful of them has been forgotten or misdirected.
  • And he gave her a handful in her lap.
  • He left but a handful to guard his ships.
  • A man should not buy more than a handful at a time.
  • At the school gates only a handful were left.
  • They had still a handful of minutes before the parting.
  • I grabbed a handful and snuggled back against him.
  • There were a handful of people in the office beyond.
  • He brought to light a handful of change.
  • In a moment she returned with a handful of letters.
  • Suddenly he took a handful of pence from his pocket.
  • I saw him just now bending over a handful of sticks.
  • They were now reduced to a handful of raw maize a day.
  • A handful of tea was thrown in and the pot removed.
  • Jack put a handful or two of the money into his pocket.
  • Then he stooped and scrabbled up a handful of dry leaves.
  • He wept as he threw a handful of earth into her grave.
  • Throw a handful of salt into a pot of boiling water.

How To Use A Handful In A Sentence?

  • He grabbed a handful of them and struck another match.
  • Whatever the exact number, there were but a handful.
  • Ripp, a handful of corn from the sheaf.
  • To this end he came prepared with a handful of the powder.
  • A little child came up and offered me a handful.
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