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  • Reflections on a harsh age.
  • What a harsh gentleman!
  • That is a harsh judgment.
  • Nature is indeed a harsh stepmother to you.
  • They have a harsh and ominous aspect.
  • He spoke in a harsh voice.
  • Nor was the ascent of the cliff a harsh task.
  • It was a harsh and by no means pretty material.
  • Sure, that is a harsh expression!
  • All at once he broke out into a harsh bitter laugh.
  • A harsh gong rang through the halls.
  • A harsh word would ruin it.
  • Articulate words are a harsh clamor and dissonance.
  • But suddenly a harsh noise was heard.
  • Suddenly a harsh voice sounded in her ears.
  • His voice rose to a harsh scream.
  • The captain broke into a harsh laugh.
  • Then the stranger arose, with a harsh laugh.
  • A harsh and fretful voice broke in upon his dreaming.
  • A harsh, commanding voice interrupted them.
  • With a harsh laugh, he strode forward.
  • And from first to last never a harsh or complaining word.
  • He laughed in a harsh, grating manner.
  • And he broke into a harsh, ugly laugh.
  • Never use a harsh, loud tone of voice.
  • A harsh metallic voice came from the huddled-up form.
  • In his voice was a harsh note, a note of pain.
  • Then there was a harsh, grinding scream, and a crash.
  • Religion among the Pilgrim fathers was a harsh thing.
  • Agnes Barker spoke in a harsh, angry tone.
  • Aeneas Moylin spoke in a harsh, constrained voice.
  • Never a harsh word.
  • It was not until she was out of sight that he gave utterance to a harsh laugh.
  • It was on his tongue to utter a harsh rebuke for the impertinence.
  • But her countenance settled into a harsh and unlovely expression.

How To Use A Harsh In A Sentence?

  • A harsh, hard fate!
  • Wetter spoke abruptly in a harsh but carefully restrained voice.
  • It is a harsh method and one which goes devilishly against the grain.
  • But neither gentleman wished to break off with a harsh and bare decision.
  • Another was a man driven from the church by a harsh word spoken in anger.
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