A Hollow In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Hollow | A Hollow Sentence

  • She vanished down into a hollow.
  • Two eggs in a hollow in the gravel.
  • A hollow laugh responded.
  • What a hollow mockery our actions are.
  • Awdrey uttered a hollow laugh.
  • He gave a hollow laugh.
  • Eggs in a hollow on grassy bank.
  • In a hollow log not far from here.
  • Malone gave her a hollow laugh.
  • A hollow groan went up.
  • A bear in a hollow log?
  • Cometh a hollow fantasy to the guiltless?
  • What a hollow sham that meal was!
  • Be not a hollow tinkling fool!
  • They gave forth a hollow sound.
  • Three eggs laid in a hollow on the beach.
  • The snow was deep and we dug out a hollow.
  • Upon it stood a hollow lime tree.
  • We seemed suspended in a hollow globe.
  • Three eggs laid in a hollow in the moss.
  • A hollow laugh replied to the shots.
  • Nest of moss and down in a hollow in dry tundra.
  • Take off the string and hide in a hollow stump.
  • Four eggs laid in a hollow in the ground.
  • The fort is a hollow old shell.
  • We came to a hole under a hollow tree.
  • These people had no term for a hollow-sphere.
  • Two eggs in a hollow in the sand near the beach.
  • Both cadets were making snowballs near a hollow.
  • Nest a hollow in the sand, lined with down.
  • Nest in a hollow under a bunch of rank matted grass.
  • His chest was in a hollow made by rounded shoulders.
  • The bear slid down a hollow against a big log.
  • A little artificial lake twinkled in a hollow.
  • He was safely hidden inside a hollow log.

How To Use A Hollow In A Sentence?

  • But not one gave forth a hollow sound.
  • In another minute the cow was out of sight in a hollow.
  • A hollow trunk seems scarcely a disability.
  • Her mind appeared but a hollow echo of his words.
  • It must have escaped from a hollow in the chalk up behind.
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