A Horse In A Sentence

How To Use A Horse In A Sentence?

  • But why had he never raised a horse himself?
  • He himself was probably a horse-jockey.
  • Then he knew it was a horse approaching.
  • It is carpeted with a horse-blanket.
  • I have a horse not far away.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Horse | A Horse Sentence

  • Have you a horse here?
  • He is more than a horse.
  • A horse which he called so.
  • She has the strength of a horse.
  • He must have a horse!
  • He only knew it was a horse.
  • Somewhere a horse whinnied.
  • He was a horse of understanding.
  • There was no sign of a horse!
  • With a horse like that too.
  • Quite recently a horse had been there.
  • Near it was a horse and wagon.
  • My kingdom for a horse!
  • Not a horse had escaped.
  • There was not a horse on the island.
  • And now he had got a horse.
  • So it must be a horse!
  • A horse is a substance.
  • And at a fella on a horse.
  • She was a horse in a thousand.
  • Learn how to swim a horse.
  • What you want with a horse?
  • And a horse to the gate should be tied?
  • Two brothers quarrel over a horse.
  • But such a horse would not be hurt.
  • Cameron had been given a horse from the stable.
  • But does he attack a horse in this manner?
  • Have you got a horse that will suit me?
  • Each rode on a horse of their same colour.
  • I look well on a horse!
  • But a horse is to me a troubled creature.
  • A horse was coming on the gallop.
  • He was newly equipped with a horse.
  • The presence of the virtue of a horse.
  • When is a horse in wretched case?
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