A Hundred In A Sentence

How To Use A Hundred In A Sentence?

  • We have discussed a hundred projects.
  • Women have cleaned up a hundred cities.
  • A hundred thousand dollars!
  • A hundred thousand dollars!
  • Fifty out of a hundred would be more correct.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Hundred | A Hundred Sentence

  • There are a hundred of you.
  • They were about a hundred.
  • There were more than a hundred of them.
  • There were over a hundred in all.
  • Done with you for a hundred.
  • A hundred against one!
  • By morning he will have a hundred.
  • You look more than a hundred.
  • Better a hundred deaths.
  • Citadel of a hundred stairways.
  • Robbed you of a hundred pounds!
  • For a hundred and three.
  • Better than a hundred patients.
  • There have been a hundred things.
  • I am not yet a hundred.
  • Not a hundred yards out there!
  • Then he was making over a hundred.
  • Within a hundred miles.
  • Odds a hundred to one!
  • He was not more than a hundred feet below them now.
  • A hundred times more!
  • It was a hundred more than it was worth.
  • There must have been over a hundred.
  • Sixteen will live to a hundred.
  • A hundred joined them.
  • And would it be a hundred?
  • Raise them a hundred dollars.
  • She had a hundred things to do.
  • I have a hundred policemen.
  • In 1789 there were a hundred.
  • We have a hundred men now?
  • Let him live to a hundred!
  • Fifty cents a hundred!
  • Half a hundred stories.
  • A hundred men shot at him.
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