A Lifetime In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Lifetime | A Lifetime Sentence

  • Lessons of a lifetime.
  • She has been searching for me for a lifetime.
  • Truly it was the story of a lifetime.
  • That was the sight of a lifetime.
  • Will last a lifetime.
  • Adam had known him for a lifetime.
  • The gratitude of a lifetime should be his.
  • It was a chance of a lifetime.
  • The pedal is the study of a lifetime.
  • All the savings of a lifetime went into it.
  • The chance of a lifetime gone!
  • It was a sight seen only once in a lifetime.
  • One hour of bliss out of a lifetime!
  • Oh, just once in a lifetime!
  • It would last a lifetime.
  • Wanda hoped that here was the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Besides, we are only married once in a lifetime.
  • It is a minute of experience prolonged to a lifetime.
  • We can undo in a day what we have done in a lifetime.
  • I have enough of the lifts to last me a lifetime.
  • The man lived a lifetime standing there.
  • The memories of a lifetime crowded upon him.
  • In the sigh all the anguish of a lifetime is expressed.
  • It seemed like a lifetime waiting there.
  • One of them will last a reasonable man a lifetime.
  • The date was nearly a lifetime ago.
  • It will take a lifetime to do it, though.
  • Such things never happen twice in a lifetime.
  • It takes a lifetime to build up premises like these.
  • Who in one year have known a lifetime of despair.
  • Here was the chance of a lifetime, and they knew it.
  • It was a picture not of a lifetime, but of the centuries.
  • Lucretius worked nearly a lifetime on one poem.
  • Memory came and turned the pages of a lifetime that night.
  • It was all in a lifetime, this annual spring debauch.

How To Use A Lifetime In A Sentence?

  • But, pshaw; it is all in a lifetime!
  • So there they were at last, the dream of half a lifetime.
  • From this quiet hour may come the unrest of a lifetime.
  • Heaven would surely count one enough for a lifetime.
  • Have no fear; one such lesson will last a lifetime.
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