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  • Then in a lower tone.
  • Bull persisted in a lower tone.
  • Adeline dropped to a lower key again.
  • Is it because this question is on a lower plane?
  • These are relegated to a lower grade.
  • This was said in a lower tone.
  • Imitation is a lower faculty than invention.
  • She went up to him and spoke in a lower tone.
  • But here is another of a lower grade of culture.
  • I never heard of a lower transaction.
  • A handkerchief was waved at a lower window.
  • On a lower level there were the great barns.
  • Sketch 4 shows the same scene in a lower key.
  • Music gained in its higher walks what it lost in a lower.
  • This may be due to drainage at a lower level.
  • And then, to take a lower ground.
  • The blocking was then re-set at a lower elevation.
  • They belong to a lower grade of sexual evolution.
  • The subjects of the other form occupy a lower level.
  • By what device may pianism descend to a lower level?
  • They were outsiders, the men of a lower level.
  • A lower nature might have felt some sense of triumph.
  • She deferred to that, but taking it in a lower key.
  • Failing this, reversion to a lower type is inevitable.
  • His tone changed, and he spoke in a lower voice.
  • A lower jaw gives the length 4-1/2 inches.
  • Recovering itself, however, it pitched on a lower bough.
  • His inspiration, however undoubted, is of a lower order.
  • Wangel (in a lower tone, seizing her wrist).
  • Mrs. Forrester questioned in a lower voice.
  • You ever heard of a Lower becoming a full priest?
  • Never was Republic One and Indivisible at a lower ebb.
  • A Lower Boy at Eton had originated the name.
  • What was Scaife, a Lower Boy, doing in your room?
  • As a Lower Boy, Beaumont-Greene had but a sorry time of it.
  • But it can be sold only for a lower price than it was bought.
  • In his plan they are set in a lower position than is customary.
  • They climbed down to a lower level and began their return walk.
  • For exactly the same work a lower rate of payment is offered.

How To Use A Lower In A Sentence?

  • Surely if so he had gone on a lower road than his darling would have had him travel.
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