A Mad In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Mad | A Mad Sentence

  • Was not this a mad plan?
  • Then she did a mad thing.
  • Is this a mad-house?
  • It was a mad impulse!
  • He knew that it was a mad thing to do.
  • With that they started on a mad run.
  • It is the act of a mad woman.
  • A mad yell was set up.
  • My thoughts were in a mad whirl.
  • You have tried only a mad gallop.
  • Give me a mad wildcat for gameness.
  • A mad craving came over him.
  • It was a mad half-hour.
  • Then began a mad chase.
  • Then followed a mad performance.
  • A mad chase after a madman.
  • A mad hope surged through him.
  • There was a mad rush for the corner above.
  • After all he will make a mad book.
  • Deck fit like a mad rooster.
  • This place is like a mad-house.
  • He had been severely bitten by a mad dog.
  • He looked like a mad thing.
  • A mad idea, was it not?
  • A mad hope rose in his breast.
  • The steer makes a mad rush.
  • A mad scramble for cover followed.
  • A mad rogue stung us.
  • He was more like a mad dog than a man.
  • Did it mean a mad-cell with a keeper?
  • Then he yelled like a mad jackal.
  • A mad new thought had possessed him.
  • A mad anguish distorted her features.
  • Piggy chose this moment for a mad dash for freedom.
  • It was a mad, terrible rush.

How To Use A Mad In A Sentence?

  • My child hath been bit by a mad dog!
  • The greyhound runs like a mad dog.
  • His mouth foamed like that of a mad dog.
  • What had been only a wild gallop became a mad race.
  • A mad spirit, yfaith.

Definition of A Mad

Alternative form of amad
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