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  • He had been enacting the unwisdom of an infatuated boy with the solemnity of a mature man.
  • Ten years had passed, and now he was a mature man with an ever-broadening vision.
  • So judged a mature self-knowledge, on looking back to the first years of manhood.
  • One would think you were a girl in your first season, instead of being a mature married woman.
  • Goethe, who had now passed thirty years of age, for the first time loved a mature woman.
  • It must be admitted, however, that he did not look much like a mature trout, even now.
  • I, as you know, am a mature man of forty, devoted to an art in which she takes little interest.
  • It was a likeness of Mary Chaworth in miniature, representing a mature and beautiful woman.
  • Would she be pleased to look on him as a mature Don Juan, laying snares for her pretty feet?
  • In my opinion there is a mature plan throughout the Southern States to break up the Union.
  • You can bring them nothing which they prize with such tender solicitude as a mature and inexperienced heart.
  • Mrs. Clinton was a granddaughter of Philip Livingston, the Signer, and married at a mature age.
  • Playing of this kind gives the pupil confidence and smooths the way for his work as a mature artist.
  • Surely it is proper in a veteran so to encourage a juvenile or even a mature brother, should he seem to deserve it.
  • It is not a great piece of constructiv criticism, nor can it be said to contain the ripe judgments of a mature mind.
  • I divined that he spoke of that purposely to show me how seriously he looked on my significance as a mature person and the first son in the family.
  • For all we know, it was not an early but a mature product of thought, and was reached after a long development.
  • The mechanism was the effort of a mature mind, perhaps the result of inventive genius of high quality.
  • This test is more easily made on a mature than on an immature gander and is also easier to make during warm than during cold weather.
  • In the wild forests of the mind they could rarely capture a mature idea, and they were as yet unpractised artists.
  • Did the first living being appear in a mature state, or was it merely a germ from which the mature individual could be produced?
  • She recovered rapidly, all her being revivified and reinforced, coming back glowingly to a mature beauty.
  • He had taken off an overcoat while his host was opening the champagne, and evening clothes accentuated a mature gauntness of body and limb.
  • The second would contain what, from a mature consideration of all circumstances, he would conclude to be probably true.
  • In early boy-hood he was left an orphan, but he managed the large estate which had been left him with all the skill and judgment of a mature mind.
  • His meditations, his analyses, were those of a mature mind, replete with human knowledge of evil and good.
  • You have no more right to expect your child to be a mature Christian than you had to expect him to be born six feet tall.
  • From being a mature woman charged with an important mission, Cassandra shrunk to the stature of an inexperienced child.
  • I had not meant to sacrifice him; a young life, of some promise, is only less sacred to me than a mature life rich in beneficent activities.
  • Men are not brought up in this office as a profession, but one becomes a manang bali from pure choice, or by sudden inclination, at a mature age.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Mature | A Mature Sentence

  • But he did pass a mature judgment against her.
  • The telephone had become a mature technology.
  • Find a mature tree that stands apart from its fellows.
  • A mature couple, withal.
  • The mean weight of a mature man is 104 lbs.
  • Use the brains of a mature man, Johnny Love!
  • I, Jan. 1848,) of eyes in a mature Balanus; 4th.
  • Much knowledge and a mature understanding are requisite for an historian.
  • It could hardly have been otherwise, for she was at the time a mature woman.
  • They had not been so wonderful after all, then, in the eyes of a mature person.
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