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  • He himself becomes little better than a mechanism.
  • A mechanism is fighting against a self-renewing spirit.
  • Life the result of a mechanism, 115, 177.
  • It is evident that we are far from possessing the secret of such a mechanism.
  • She believed she was dealing merely with a mechanism of Prussian tyranny.
  • He had become a mechanism, set for on special purpose--self-immolation.

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  • Under any view the cell is a mechanism and must be resolved into subordinate parts.
  • They were connected by wires with a mechanism that hummed like the purring of a well-piled motor.
  • One of the Greek gods would literally descend on a mechanism from the rafters and save the day.
  • The earth is more than a mechanism, it is an organism that repairs and restores itself in perpetuity.
  • We are not left to the unaided study of our mental processes for proof that the human brain is a mechanism.
  • You are required to assign some principle of motion such that it shall revolve through the parts of a mechanism self-sustained.
  • These were fitted with a mechanism similar to that employed in portable forges, by which the heavy vapor was sucked off.
  • She was the primitive woman, a mechanism of elemental instincts, moving up an incline of progressive passions.
  • Carr laughed as he fumbled with a mechanism that was strapped to the Martian's back.
  • Only experience can prove a mechanism, discover its faults, and teach the right method of handling it.
  • This initial state puts into action a mechanism determined by the nature of each species, and ends in creations of special kinds.
  • In all the circumstances, then, in which ions appear, their formation has doubtless been provoked by a mechanism analogous to that of the shock.
  • It is doubtful if Fracastro had any notion of constructing a mechanism which might answer the purpose of a telescopic tube.
  • M. Ader was probably the first man to get a mechanism up into the air for something more than a leap.
  • He showed, entirely to the satisfaction of himself at least, that society should be reduced to a mechanism, and mankind to pivots and wheels.
  • He considered all physical nature, including the human body, as a mechanism, capable of explanation on mathematical principles.
  • In the service of our ideals we may thus transform the world into a mechanism: out of our freedom we desire to conceive ourselves as necessary products.
  • After this, he proceeds to describe a mechanism the details of which are confusing and unintelligible, nor did it appear to bear any resemblance to a telescopic tube.
  • It is always a fresh surprise to see these mummies suddenly throw off their immobility and gyrate on their own axis with a mechanism whose secret deserves to be fathomed.
  • Up to this time the method adopted in the construction of clocks was not capable of producing a mechanism which measured time with sufficient accuracy to satisfy the requirements of astronomers.
  • At a distance of a hundred feet from the first of the entrenched enemy there was a movement along the line, as if the holders of the tubes had each set a mechanism in operation.
  • Waters, for all his brisk record, was not a man of action; he was rather a mechanism jolted abruptly into action by the impulses of a detached and ardent mind.
  • Was each of these tiny rods a mechanism akin, in a fashion, to the sending keys of the wireless; were they transmitters of subtle energy in which was enfolded command?
  • Whether it be the instrument devised by man, or whether it be the human nervous system itself, that which we are looking at is a mechanism too delicate for the cruel exigencies of an unyielding gross environment.
  • When one tiny organism decides it is time for the reproductive cycle to begin, it triggers a mechanism through which hundreds of miles of coral reef can change colour within hours.
  • It is, in a way, a slow allotropic transformation which takes place by means of a mechanism regarding which, in short, we have no more information than we have regarding other analogous transformations.
  • When we graft upon the idea of a mechanism that character of continuous self-development which transforms it into an "organism," the synthesis of the changing phenomena is still more difficult to comprehend.
  • A mechanism of world inter-communication will be devised, embracing the whole planet, freed from national hindrances and restrictions, and functioning with marvellous swiftness and perfect regularity.
  • At that time there was a rage for pears carved out of wood, whereof one half formed a musical box, being filled with a mechanism which enabled him who put it to his mouth to produce quite a respectable tune.
  • It is, however, a question whether God could have communicated such facts to man three thousand years ago without robbing him of his personality and changing him into a mechanism.
  • For a like reason Leonardo da Vinci, who busied himself with a mechanism which should enable man to operate wings with his legs, and who left a short treatise on the art of flight, has no place in the history.
  • There is, in fact, a mechanism, possessed alike by animals and plants, that fulfills every requirement of Mendel's principles.
  • They were immeasurably flattered by your indirect compliment that the Kaiser's war establishment was so perfect a mechanism that it could clear for action almost imperceptibly.
  • When the tool is removed from the direct and individual guidance of the handicraftsman and placed in a mechanism which governs its action by the prearranged motion of some other tool or mechanical implement, it ceases to be a tool and becomes part of a machine.
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