A Painful In A Sentence

How To Use A Painful In A Sentence?

  • I know that this is a painful and delicate subject.
  • I recall a painful incident connected with her life.
  • But it has left such a painful impression. .
  • The contrast to a lover of his country was a painful one.
  • A painful memory ever present seized her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Painful | A Painful Sentence

  • It is a painful spectacle.
  • It was a painful moment.
  • What a painful condition it was!
  • There was a painful pause.
  • It was a painful procession.
  • It was a painful interview.
  • This was a painful dilemma.
  • It is a painful necessity.
  • It was a painful position.
  • A painful silence ensued.
  • A painful pause followed.
  • This is invariably a painful annoyance.
  • Nor is thrift a painful virtue.
  • Arlee was listening with a painful intensity.
  • But it was a painful process for the accused.
  • The story itself is a painful one.
  • He blushed a painful red.
  • A painful embarrassment seized him.
  • But a painful shock awaited him.
  • I am now upon a painful chapter.
  • Margarita was possessed with a painful exaltation.
  • For a time there is a painful struggle in him.
  • And after that a painful silence came over them.
  • It seemed to be a painful admission.
  • The meeting was a painful one both to them and to her.
  • It was a painful and unforgettable scene.
  • Pratt felt himself on the horns of a painful dilemma.
  • My thinking is become a painful effort.
  • There was something like a painful silence after that.
  • The birth of a soul is a painful process.
  • A painful pucker settled between his brows.
  • His voice was little more than a painful whisper.
  • It was a painful operation and he needed help.
  • It is a painful task to both surgeon and subject.
  • A painful silence followed these words.
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