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  • A panel in the door crushed in.
  • A panel of the door cracked and loosened.
  • A horizontal cross-bar in a panel or window.
  • Howden took a short run and kicked in a panel.
  • The whole is painted on a panel of bright gold.
  • A panel of the outside door of the house was found removed.
  • There was a time when they would have tried to smash in a panel.
  • Clarence had a panel truck and there was a mattress in the back to sleep on.
  • The sheriff of the county must then return a panel of jurors.
  • A four-leaved ornament occupying a circle in tracery or a panel.
  • Fredericus Mans (d. 1673) has a panel called A Sea-Strand.
  • The other eight are prominent citizens who are drawn from a panel, like a jury.
  • He opened a panel in the upper surface of the desk, and slipped the spool in.
  • A red light pulsated on a panel, alone in a string of white ones.
  • He struck on a panel or two as he went, for form's sake.
  • A panel slid open and Shir K'han appeared.
  • At Prato, opposite to the prison, he painted a panel-picture of the Assumption.
  • After these things he painted a panel for the altar of the Madonna in SS.
  • On appeal, the case was decided by a panel led by Judge Jon Newman.

How To Use A Panel In A Sentence?

  • They are cut in a panel and were used to protect china or old pewter from the dust.
  • Steingall tapped lightly on a panel of 505, and the four listened silently for any response.
  • At the end of the taller cases is a panel to contain the catalogue, here closed by a small door.
  • This great work is painted on a panel 1 foot 8 inches high by 1 foot 3 inches long.
  • I ascended the two staircases, and entered the upper room by a panel which I found open.
  • The same happened to a panel of no great size, which, when finished, was to have gone to Pisa.
  • It was sitting propped against the lintel of a second door, a panel of which was raggedly broken out.
  • We were talking about people asking questions about their problems, and decided to have a panel discussion.
  • I caught up the carved wooden bench in the bathroom, and dashed it furiously again and again against a panel of the door.
  • The cupboard orginally was screened with wainscoting, a panel of which could be opened and closed by a spring.
  • A panel revolves, opening the way to a secret stair which leads down into the basement of the hotel.
  • The others were expecting to see him vanish suddenly down a trap or a panel of the wall to fall back and once more to hide him from his assailants.
  • He asked him to say whether he approved of the jurymen being selected by the praetor, to form a panel for the praetor himself to employ.
  • There was an old hunting-piece painted on a panel over one of the chimney-pieces; the figures were portraits of my ancestors.
  • A panel in the side of the wall opposite the doorway had slid silently open and through the opening poured out a beam of fiery red.
  • Draw two oblongs not less than eight inches high, and wide enough to make a panel of pleasing proportions.
  • A panel splintered on the outside cabin door, and a heavy tramping of feet told them that the men had entered the room.
  • At ten o'clock the next morning, a panel slid aside in a wall that had previously seemed solid.
  • Above the sideboard is a panel representing magnolia blossoms, and their heavy polished leaves, with brown in stem and shadows.
  • The last thing he did was to kick his foot through a panel, and they found him there unconscious, with his rubber boot sticking out into the hall.
  • From one of these shelves he removed some books, slid a panel away and pulled out a large, dark book.
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