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  • Was it a passenger wreck?
  • He was told that it carried a passenger.
  • I inquired of a passenger the object of planting them.
  • The money was placed in the hands of a passenger.
  • There are both a passenger train and a goods train.
  • I saved a young lady who was a passenger.
  • Many of the races called for carrying a passenger.
  • None at all, except as a passenger.
  • At last he was called to take out a passenger run.
  • I do not like being flogged, even as a passenger.
  • A man without a home feels like a passenger.
  • A passenger left by the stage hiring an express onward.
  • But now, at last, she was a passenger on its waters.
  • A passenger left by the stage, hiring an express onward.
  • I could hardly believe I had a passenger.
  • I came over as a passenger with Harrison and Alexander.
  • There you'll find a passenger waiting for you.
  • Take a passenger?" shouted he.
  • It spoils my fun to take in a passenger with all sails spread.
  • He was the one who almost crashed with me as a passenger back in training.
  • I wandered through every part of the ship open to a passenger.
  • A parson for a passenger and two men of his own he brings aboard.
  • The morning mail has but just come in; we had a passenger by it.
  • He passed in about one week from first going into the air as a passenger.
  • The average mail apartment furnished is half a passenger coach.
  • No, that couldn't be carrying a passenger.
  • He sailed for home as a passenger on board a small trading vessel.
  • A sail-boat has put off from her, with a passenger in the stern.
  • Whilst at whist in the night, a passenger was reported dead of cholera.
  • A passenger so drunk that he became mad, and was put in irons.
  • As a matter of course, a passenger list would be an absurdity.
  • This request might, surely, with more propriety be preferred to a passenger.

How To Use A Passenger In A Sentence?

  • Thither his baggage was immediately sent under the protection of a passenger and countryman.
  • This time you will go alone as you will have a passenger beside you as you return.
  • Not for money or any other consideration would they take a strange woman as a passenger.
  • With some difficulty he persuaded the driver of the vehicle to convey so dubious a passenger.
  • In his nasty state of mind he glowered at a passenger who came into the car at the front.
  • When a passenger wished to alight he pulled the strap and the driver released his hold.
  • There were no women on board, but there was a passenger list of thirty men or so.
  • German aviator, who made an altitude record of 1680 metres with a passenger.
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