A Picnic In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Picnic | A Picnic Sentence

  • For them it was a picnic.
  • A picnic on the hill.
  • There is virtue in coming to a picnic.
  • After that we had a picnic dinner in the woods.
  • She was very anxious that we should get up a picnic.
  • Virtue is hers who dully endures a picnic.
  • Let us pack up a picnic basket.
  • We must make up a picnic and go there some day.
  • At first the scouts considered the rowing a picnic.
  • Something about a picnic....
  • Just like a picnic, you know.
  • To have a picnic, and spend the day.
  • It must have seemed a good deal like a picnic.
  • It must be a 'picnic,' after all.
  • Oh yes, this was a picnic....
  • It was as a picnic second only to Henley.
  • There was a picnic on a Swiss lake.
  • There was to be a picnic, and Elizabeth was going.
  • Or a picnic?
  • A picnic.
  • About a picnic.
  • Once upon a picnic.
  • A Picnic 191 XXIV.
  • Never had a picnic luncheon tasted so good to any of the party.
  • It was on an occasion when a number of us had gone on a picnic.
  • So they concluded to turn their nutting party into a picnic.
  • One can only picture him carrying a picnic basket in the tamest of scenery.
  • One of the marvels of a picnic boat is that there are always new couples.
  • Then a picnic was arranged for them out of doors, on the grass.
  • I hope we'll have a picnic to the old fort.
  • Pat was clearing up the debris made by four men eating a picnic lunch.
  • Nice place fer a picnic, ain't it?
  • Hiram called the whole thing a picnic, and was jolly and happy.
  • He had not done so; on the contrary, he had gone to a picnic.
  • Ice cream may be taken to a picnic without much additional trouble.
  • It's just a picnic for Josh and me.
  • Fancy a picnic-party of a hundred thousand persons, nearly all men.

How To Use A Picnic In A Sentence?

  • If one never has been to a picnic the only premises to go on are those given you.
  • We thought the best thing would be to have a picnic under those beautiful trees.
  • They then got a drink from a bubbling spring not far away, and pretended they were on a picnic.
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