A Professor In A Sentence

How To Use A Professor In A Sentence?

  • I never understood how he succeeded in keeping up the comedy of being a professor.
  • To be a popular artist a painter must be something of a professor in all these sciences.
  • In the same university there was also a professor of theology, who attracted no one.
  • The second was a professor who was shy and sweet and went off lecturing every week.
  • She noticed that he was writing music, so he must be a composer as well as a professor.
  • To have been the object of such a mystification, he, a professor of dancing and deportment!
  • Evidently being a professor in a university was no light thing to a Western preacher.
  • It has also to be remarked that Hunt is much better as a taster than as a professor or expounder.
  • He was slenderly fashioned, and reminded one, at first, of a professor in a minor college.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Professor | A Professor Sentence

  • But now it is a professor.
  • He was not a professor of religion.
  • Only a professor would have done it.
  • I should call him a professor of minor philosophy.
  • Still less prepared was he for the work of a professor.
  • State a moral case to a ploughman and a professor.
  • He looked more like a professor than ever.
  • Make him be a man, and not a professor.
  • Is he a professor, or only a lover of engraving?
  • A professor, briefly, in some far-away college.
  • I was a professor, and I had no such pack.
  • Dr. Chalmers as a Professor.
  • He was appointed a professor at the University of Bologna.
  • He was a professor in a small college in our Middle West.
  • Like a professor!
  • This time it's a professor.
  • When he started being introduced he was nothing but a professor.
  • He has rooms near the university in which he is a professor.
  • The brother was before the war a professor of political economy.
  • I have been introduced to you gentlemen as a professor of pastoral theology.
  • Many a professor has fallen by means of being occupied with a name.
  • Remember, he's a professor of ethnology.
  • By a Professor.
  • Be this as it may, we do not find she ever became a professor of the faith.
  • For some years he was a professor in a Southern military school.
  • He throve; he became a professor; his wife bore him five children.
  • In 1863, when he was thirty-nine years of age, he was a professor of geology.
  • I am not a professor of philosophy, I'm a dominie.
  • There stands a professor of the high art, the great Swedenborg.
  • Sometimes even a professor forgets things, and Luther was a professor.
  • Yes, I know: you have been unfortunate, and are now a professor.
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