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  • I cannot find a prototype for this young man, though in some ways he resembles Shelley.
  • But may I remind you of one thing more: keep in mind, as a prototype, the manner in which we have treated these phenomena.
  • Suneep had three of his assistants working on the first generation of mobile telepresence robots for the exterior, and had promised a prototype for that afternoon.
  • The figure that thus offered incense at her shrine was one, that would more properly have served as a prototype to a Silenus than a Cupid.
  • Unfortunately, as I have said, they are all mere copies of copies, the first of which were more or less altered in outline and corrupted in nomenclature, from a prototype which has not yet been found.
  • Now it so happened that in the same street there lived another medical man, almost a prototype of Doctor Plausible, only not quite so well off in the world.
  • Or, perhaps, Tartuffe is too lively a prototype for the curates of poetry who swarm in the world's capitals at the present hour.
  • It has been inferred from the position of authority which Aeneas assumes that Vergil favored a strong monarchial form of government and intended Aeneas to be, as it were, a prototype of Augustus.
  • And the intrepid and sagacious John Hampden, heroic in battle and supreme in council, wise, steadfast, and true, was but a prototype of Benjamin Harrison.
  • I did one more pass, wrecking anything that looked like it might be a prototype for the next generation or notes that would help them reconstruct the units I'd smashed.
  • For wind instruments we have a prototype in the human voice, and one may reasonably suppose that the trumpet class were evolved by slow process from the simple action of placing the hands on either side of the mouth to augment a shout.
  • The occupation of the back-lands of the South affords a prototype of the process by which the plains of the far West were settled, and also furnishes an exemplification of all the stages of economic development existing contemporaneously.
  • But, in general, with Burns as with other poets, it was not the catching of a first-hand emotion at white heat that resulted in the best poetry, but the stimulating of his imagination by the vision of a person or a situation that may have had but the hint of a prototype in the actual.
  • They belong to a type of manuscript Lusitano-French, or Lusitano-Spanish planispheres, which is represented by several specimens, all of which are copies from a prototype which has either been destroyed or has not yet been found.
  • Tact, good sense, ever the note of a true orthodoxy, the merciful compromises of the church, indicative of her imperial vocation in regard to all the varieties of human kind, with a universality of which the old Roman pastorship she was superseding is but a prototype, was already become conspicuous, in spite of a discredited, irritating, vindictive society, all around her.
  • Next in order of divinity is Krishna Vasudeva, whose tribal name of Satvata has furnished the other name of this church; then follow in due order Samkarshana, Pradyumna, and Aniruddha, all of his family; and with Vasudeva is closely associated the epic hero Arjuna, a prototype for this mortal pair being discovered in the legendary Nara and Narayana.
  • It is an intensely religious poem, and yet more theological than Christian, and full of classical allusions to pagan heroes and sages,--a most remarkable production considering the age, and, when we remember that it is without a prototype in any language, a glorious monument of reviving literature, both original and powerful.
  • In "Tancredi e Clorinda," produced in Venice, in 1624, a string quartet indicated the galloping of horses, a prototype of the "Ride of the Valkyries."
  • Then, one can hardly forget the Pearl Mosque, which is of such rare beauty as to prove a fitting memorial to the "Great Builder," Shah Jahan; the latter has a prototype in modern times,--none other than Ludwig II of Bavaria, whose palaces also linger in the memory as a dream of beauty.
  • "Do not let me be misunderstood as living in fear of any actually existing machine; there is probably no known machine which is more than a prototype of future mechanical life.
  • I think FRANTEXT was already on the Internet [since early 1995], and there was also a prototype of the volume 14 of the TLF
  • The abiding effect of woman's love upon Goethe becomes manifest when we realize that an unhappily ending early love affair with Gretchen, a young girl of Frankfort, remained imprinted upon his soul for more than forty years, and served him as a prototype for his greatest, most complex, and most pathetic heroine, Gretchen in _Faust_.
  • _ he was both in Algiers and Tunis, reigning with unexampled cruelty, a prototype of those other corsair kings by whom he was succeeded.
  • CHAPTER VII AN ELECTRICALLY DRIVEN LAKE FREIGHTER A PROTOTYPE of the model lake freighter described in this Chapter will probably be familiar to many readers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Prototype | A Prototype Sentence

  • It had the look of a prototype.
  • Bell was a prototype of the high-tech entrepreneur.
  • An idea without a prototype, is it anything but a chimera?
  • It is what you call a prototype."

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