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  • This was a purely negative conception.
  • It was a purely selfish emotion.
  • It is a purely personal question.
  • Have we not a purely material effect?
  • Originally it is a purely industrial and useful art.
  • That is a purely impulsive collective action.
  • His defect is a purely personal matter.
  • His profession is a purely speculative one.
  • It has all the appearance of a purely constructed system.
  • My hero is a purely imaginary character.
  • The process is a purely physical one.
  • He was there in a purely private and peaceful character.
  • This is a purely empirical description of perfect singing.
  • But the difference drawn is a purely fallacious one.
  • Is anger always a purely mental condition?
  • A purely democratic state perhaps there has never been.
  • The first of these palliatives has a purely selfish origin.
  • I thus secured these tales as a purely native product.
  • It is a curious prejudice, and a purely insular one.
  • From a purely selfish standpoint, it is a bad investment.
  • It is a purely German plot.
  • The Convention was a purely revolutionary body.
  • Rio is, as every one knows, a purely commercial city.
  • The Tanagra figurines are a purely decorative endeavour.
  • I have no doubt it was meant for a purely operatic Faust.
  • But I might hazard a purely speculative guess.
  • Printing is not now and never will be a purely mechanical trade.
  • These objections are not of a purely abstract or theoretical character.
  • But this punishment of flogging was a purely ecclesiastical penalty.
  • That's a purely professional prejudice of yours.
  • Is this because it is an herb instead of a purely decorative flower?
  • The development of a purely romantic love effeminates the race.
  • That this has not been a purely imaginary danger may be easily shown.
  • Novicow says that what shall be foreign is a purely conventional matter.
  • He may have risen into savagery from a purely animal condition.
  • Well, it does of course dispense with a purely objective science.
  • A purely formal expression used in the letters of women writers.

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  • Was it out of a purely disinterested and philanthropic solicitude for their rivals?
  • It should be observed that this conclusion is reached on a purely theoretical basis.
  • This idea is dictated by a purely liberal conception of the course of the revolution.
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