A Railroad In A Sentence

How To Use A Railroad In A Sentence?

  • There was not a railroad west of Chicago.
  • Adelaide Armstrong was the daughter of a railroad magnate.
  • There is a railroad station named for this same Langston.
  • The two places are now, however, connected by a railroad.
  • Why should I not be a railroad man as well as another?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Railroad | A Railroad Sentence

  • Crystal was not on a railroad at all?
  • Karg was a railroad man.
  • This is a railroad fight.
  • He is a railroad builder.
  • Figger to build a railroad.
  • He was a porter for a railroad before he was a editor.
  • So there are dangers to the engineer on a railroad.
  • Then he found a railroad and rode.
  • We are ten miles from a railroad.
  • His father had been a railroad man before him.
  • Is capital for a railroad wanted?
  • And is this passage is a railroad track.
  • By trade he was a railroad man.
  • He would not take them to a railroad.
  • Copenhagen also wanted a railroad.
  • Watertown had been burned once in a railroad experience.
  • He was a railroad section man.
  • It was ordained that a railroad should be given it.
  • Does a railroad run through the place?
  • A sovereign people should not be governed by a railroad.
  • Right back of us here is a railroad station.
  • A fortune to be made in a railroad stock.
  • Suppose a railroad could be built to the sun.
  • Every now and then they would stop and destroy a railroad.
  • I could not meet a railroad conductor.
  • Ach, a railroad conductor!
  • The car approached a railroad underpass.
  • A railroad was about to cross the country somewhere.
  • Government by a railroad will lead in the end to anarchy.
  • That is a railroad terminal and quite a town.
  • Emtsa was a railroad repair shop village.
  • Yes; he winds more sharply than a railroad can.
  • But one day she came across a railroad track.
  • Marta, you cannot stop a railroad train with your hands.
  • If there is a railroad near, show it upon your plan.
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