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  • Parsons in competitive territory was a rate-smasher.
  • Why waste at such a rate thy fire?
  • Money may be bought at too dear a rate.
  • By trains following at too high a rate of speed.
  • Operating at a rate of 1,000 c.c.
  • It has been disposed of at a rate that pays ten per cent.
  • Where are ye gawn at sic a rate sae early in the morning?
  • The ship was then going at a rate of 21 knots per hour.
  • Nor was it the urge of passion that was now driving her forward at such a rate.
  • For this purpose they are authorized to levy a rate not exceeding 2d.
  • It was moving slowly at a rate hardly exceeding that of the airship.
  • It maks them go at a deevil o' a rate.
  • I saw things, but at too swift a rate for the conscience of them.
  • It may be safer to assume a rate of four or five per cent.
  • This gives a rate of monthly output capacity to over 10-1/4 lbs.
  • Sound waves in air travel at a rate of about 1,090 feet per second.
  • He sold them at first by the carat at a rate that would amount to $560 a pound.
  • Pianos were packed in on mules at a rate of a dollar a pound from Quesnel.
  • The way was thus prepared for the property tax of 1692, imposing a rate of 4s.
  • How many American corporations are able to borrow money at such a rate?
  • They hurried along the street at a rate that made the French people stare.

How To Use A Rate In A Sentence?

  • The vessels had been travelling at a rate which varied from seven to seventeen knots.
  • Meantime he made the car tear along at such a rate that the girls could hardly breathe.
  • The upward motion of the air inside of the funnel is at a rate of over 170 miles an hour.
  • All classes submarines for actual commission completed at a rate approaching three per week.
  • Each note has a duration of about .46 of a second and a rate of 147 pulses per second.
  • He did not comprehend at how cheap a rate the luxury of the Beautiful can be effected.
  • The duration of each note is about .08 of a second and has a rate of 123 to 129 pulses per second.
  • The stranger on foot must have worn seven-league boots, to travel at such a rate.
  • A rate of 70 to 75 miles per hour has been made on a spurt, on good straight track.
  • Mr Jones was only too glad to obtain possession of so elegant a present at so cheap a rate.
  • True, her visits will be repeated, increasing the family at a rate of which I am ignorant.
  • Agar, likewise, if properly made, filters readily, although not at so rapid a rate as gelatine.
  • No other country can point to a rate of substitution which approaches that in the United States.
  • They are increasing at a rate alarming, Go where I will, the traveled man is there.
  • I was being rapidly carried out to sea by a current that ran at a rate of over three knots an hour.
  • Suddenly the sounder started up and rattled away at such a rate that the countryman thought something should be done.
  • They were all exceedingly busy and whisked about at such a rate that they seemed to possess the power of being in half a dozen places at once.
  • A glance at the velocity indicator showed him they were traveling at a rate of eight hundred miles a second.
  • Nor will coffee and tea be had, except at a rate which will place them out of the reach of the mass of the community.

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