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  • Those are the echoes of a remote past.
  • Lingering echo from a remote world of harmony!
  • Eagerly he conducted his friends into a remote boudoir.
  • Him the mother waved to a remote chair.
  • It bothered him in a remote sort of way.
  • Babylonian literature went back to a remote date.
  • I felt more conscious of the existence of a remote past.
  • There is a remote chance that you may learn something.
  • They entered the church like foreigners in a remote land.
  • Is it a dream, or the anticipation of a remote reality?
  • He could only hope that it would also be a remote one.
  • Madame Briande had fled to a remote corner.
  • The ghost stood, faintly radiant, in a remote corner.
  • Roger and Dick found her dead up in a remote canyon.
  • Now I can even see myself as a remote Case.
  • The Municipal Corporation dates from a remote period.
  • I shall list Captain Poland as a remote possibility.
  • He had enjoyed such things before only with a remote aesthetic detachment.
  • She was following him toward a remote corner of the approach.
  • Now and then a remote metallic clashing of thunder could be heard.
  • On the other hand, there was a remote possibility he had the cat.
  • Whereas now, a remote and impossible contingency was attached to it.
  • But there was danger in this, though it was a remote danger.
  • John became thoughtful about that brevet privilege of a remote future.
  • Instead a remote-release folding ladder rattled down to the ground.
  • In a remote part of the palace was an apartment devoted to the queen.
  • A soft sound came down the valley from a remote flock of sheep.
  • There is a charity that prefers a remote object, to one that is near.
  • I found him in a remote cobwebby corner between-decks, with a book in his hand.
  • She, shuddering instinctively, withdrew to a remote corner of the dell.
  • To this son an abode is then allotted in a remote region of Turan.
  • How strange to unearth him in such a remote corner of the world as Briarwood.

How To Use A Remote In A Sentence?

  • They appeared to enjoy the thought of his being moved to a remote quarter of the province.
  • These are of course large demands and imply faith and an interest in a remote future.
  • He posted himself with his companion in a remote corner of the cellar, and waited.
  • He had once happened three years before to stay a night at an inn in a remote district town.
  • It was in a remote corner of the lower hallway, and its walls were thick and impenetrable.
  • I was placed in a remote part of the house, and only saw my aunt at stated hours.
  • It occupies a remote corner of the empire, lying completely out of the track of ordinary tourists.
  • He legislated well and presciently, they imagine, for the interests of a remote posterity.
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