A Room In A Sentence

How To Use A Room In A Sentence?

  • You shall have a room in our house.
  • What is the best way to ventilate a room?
  • This bedroom of ours has been a room of state in its day.
  • A room-full of sleepy citizens.
  • No man could have a room in the house.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Room | A Room Sentence

  • And what a room it was!
  • Natalie had a room to herself.
  • Robert has a room to himself too.
  • And what a room in which to eat it!
  • I only walked about a room.
  • Can you let me have a room?
  • Steve needed such a room.
  • Caruso at a room rehearsal.
  • In that house there is a room.
  • I have a room here yet.
  • There was a room in each angle.
  • Now as to the decoration of a room.
  • He only rents a room.
  • I have a room in the back of this shack.
  • We dressed three in a room.
  • And such a room, too.
  • I sublet a room in my offices to him.
  • I engaged a room ahead.
  • It was a room without furniture.
  • Cherry makes a room cheerful.
  • The captain demanded a room.
  • It is like youth in a room.
  • You wired for a room in the hotel?
  • Shall a room be got ready for you?
  • A room where alms were distributed.
  • How can a room be well ventilated?
  • She had already entered a room.
  • Bartley engaged a room at the hotel.
  • These are what make a room musty.
  • She disappeared in a room opposite.
  • Doors are the greatest problem in a room.
  • It was a room without shadow.
  • He led the way to a room above.
  • A room should not be kept too warm.
  • I was looking up into a room of some sort.
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