A Shop In A Sentence

How To Use A Shop In A Sentence?

  • A shop.
  • In a shop window.
  • A shop window?
  • There's a shop for you!
  • She's got enough to stock a shop.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Shop | A Shop Sentence

  • Here is a shop of wonderment.
  • Presently she went into a shop.
  • Are they going to open a shop?
  • You never saw such a shop.
  • A shop-girl laughed with her.
  • Better than a shop full of toys they were to me!
  • My beauty in a shop of gold.
  • The lower story was fitted up as a shop.
  • We passed a shop a minute ago.
  • This time it was not through a shop window that he looked.
  • Suddenly she saw a shop she had never noticed before.
  • He went into a shop to buy something.
  • The man directed him to a shop close by.
  • The people in a shop or an industry are a soviet.
  • A shop or stall for the sale of merchandise.
  • At a shop where silks were sold she entered.
  • The girl halted in the light of a shop-window.
  • Chloe said it was at a shop near the pump room.
  • There they saw a shop, and into this they entered.
  • And the fellow insisted on marrying a shop-girl!
  • And her father kept a shop, too!
  • Paganini himself went into a shop one day to buy gloves.
  • If you want company, you go into a shop.
  • Your father is a chemist; and keeps a shop.
  • A man does not go to a shop to buy half-crowns.
  • So you deny you are a shop-lifter, eh?
  • It is a shop-door, and is locked early.
  • Pull the wrong lever, and back into a shop window.
  • Mrs. Allan was a shop girl!
  • I can go into a shop and buy that red, white, and blue!
  • A cashier in a shop and an English governess were wanted.
  • I see in a shop-window the last time I was to Portland.
  • My animals are; and I run them as I would a shop.
  • A Chinese grocer has, I hear, set up a shop in its midst.
  • Mr Grinder kept a shop in the Bethnal Green Road.
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