A Sin In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Sin | A Sin Sentence

  • Why should it be a sin?
  • Idleness is in itself a sin.
  • Why scruple about a sin?
  • It is a sin to write this.
  • Treat it as a sin and confess it.
  • Was temptation in itself a sin?
  • Is it not a sin to suspect it?
  • For conscience of a sin.
  • What a shame and a sin!
  • We have exalted a sin into a virtue.
  • It seemed a sin to chat.
  • It is a sin to suspect evil.
  • It is a silent bargain for a sin.
  • These are the bitter fruits of such a sin.
  • There could be no pardon for such a sin.
  • The slave had committed a sin.
  • It was not a sin that she would commit.
  • It is a sin against the perpetuity of the republic!
  • Do they thereby commit a sin?
  • Prostitution is a sin wholly of their own making.
  • Is lying a crime or a sin?
  • It is a sin not to withdraw the unjust words.
  • I see that to exceed moderation is a sin.
  • Who founds in error elevates a sin.
  • A sin confessed is half-forgiven.
  • It is a sin that will curse you all the days of your life.
  • Such a sin came never near me.
  • A sin that grew nowhere else!
  • It is a sin and a shame to treat him thus!
  • Then it becomes a sin which destroys us.
  • I cannot; mockery is a sin.
  • A sin concealed is half-pardoned.
  • Really, it is a sin for the sheik to free him!
  • It would be a sin, you know!
  • He never lets a sin go unpunished.

How To Use A Sin In A Sentence?

  • It is a sin and a shame, both ways.
  • It is a sin that thou shouldst make her suffer.
  • And so what the other girls called a sin seemed to me ...
  • It is a sin alike against good taste and good breeding.
  • In view of this, who dare a sin commit?
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