A Solid In A Sentence

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  • I am up against a solid wall.
  • But it was not a solid sphere.
  • On paper it has a solid look.
  • But is not a solid essentially divisible?
  • Soon there would be a solid mass as before.
  • Each was wrought from a solid block of granite.
  • He had discovered that at last he was on a solid base!
  • The girls ate for a solid hour.
  • It has lately been obtained in a solid form.
  • It contained a solid wad of bills.
  • They stood like a solid wall.
  • The boat came up against a solid projection of rock!
  • You carry a solid thirty eight votes with you.
  • The globules seemed to form a solid ball.
  • But his boot soles met a solid surface.
  • I could feel a solid roof above my head.
  • The triumph was rather a surprise than a solid victory.
  • The lake was now encircled by a solid wall of fire.
  • It may be termed a distillation of a solid substance.
  • We can also define a solid as an abstractive element.
  • The house was soon a solid mass of flame.
  • A solid phalanx of the girls we have loved and lost.
  • Thanks to me, it is a solid and compact expanse.
  • That something was either an aneurysm or a solid tumor.
  • The tough was too skilled to be caught with a solid blow.
  • The blackness beyond the veranda was like a solid wall.
  • In this way a solid compact beam of yarn is obtained.
  • The denser phase may be either a liquid or a solid.
  • A solid wall of faces covered with white-wash!
  • The open door cleft a solid yellow wedge in the darkness.
  • He had a solid, square build and massive hands.
  • It is no longer an ephemeral fancy, but a solid affection.
  • A solid may or may not lie completely in one moment.
  • C.; close the flask with a solid rubber stopper.
  • Then, like a solid wall, the wind hit them.

How To Use A Solid In A Sentence?

  • The Sixth stood by their table in a solid group.
  • Mr. Fish is a solid figure in finance.
  • The font is a solid block of red-veined Devonshire marble.
  • This is a solid contribution to the permanent literature of the subject.
  • It's going to be a solid satisfaction.
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