A Sweet In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Sweet | A Sweet Sentence

  • And will you have a sweet with it?
  • Name a sweet vegetable.
  • Serve with a sweet sauce.
  • They were a sweet couple.
  • It is a sweet picture.
  • Was not that a sweet victory?
  • She will be a sweet wife for me.
  • Revenge is a sweet morsel.
  • It was a sweet revenge.
  • What a sweet little shoe!
  • It had a sweet moss carpet.
  • Whose soul is a sweet sin!
  • A sweet pretty toad she is.
  • A sweet perfume was exhaled from it.
  • What a sweet expression in her eyes!
  • It will sing a sweet song.
  • What a sweet and perfect simile.
  • It can sing a sweet song.
  • Eat with a sweet white sauce.
  • I have been caught by a sweet face.
  • She wuz a sweet chile.
  • We took a sweet farewell.
  • Doubtless it is a sweet and musical sound.
  • A sweet vision indeed!
  • But you got a sweet face.
  • There was a sweet humility of repentance in her tones.
  • The sweet hush after a sweet sound.
  • Frederick possessed a sweet and lovable nature.
  • Crystal is a sweet girl and a devoted daughter.
  • Lord, what a sweet child she was!
  • The end of a sweet romance that had had no beginning.
  • A sweet smile brightened his face.
  • Indeed it is often a sweet humility of soul.
  • It was as if a sweet voice called him to the wood.
  • Such a sweet girl, she was.

How To Use A Sweet In A Sentence?

  • A sweet doctrine for a broken heart.
  • It is a sweet taste and the mouth is bigger.
  • And a sweet sallow sang me into shame.
  • An ice is a sweet frozen dainty.
  • Eleanor was a sweet companion to her aunt all those months.
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