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  • It is not a tourist center.
  • I couldna just cae him a tourist.
  • You are not a tourist seeking adventure.
  • He is by no means a tourist on pleasure bent.
  • It snuffed out a tourist who was riding outside.
  • Now a tourist, regular, stares at folks and things.
  • I am not an emigration-tout, a land-salesman, or a tourist.
  • Perhaps I shall make a tourist of you yet.
  • A tourist caravan of four pole-chairs jogged along a narrow street.
  • He wore a huge ulster of checks and a tourist cap with ear-tabs tied on top.
  • He is a most respectable and twice wealthy person, a tourist whom I guide.
  • As I rode on, alone, I stood up and took in the scenery like a tourist ...
  • He was always outside--never more than a tourist.

How To Use A Tourist In A Sentence?

  • It is not a tourist point in any sense, nor is it very picturesque or attractive.
  • She said she intended to spend a quiet fortnight here as a tourist, seeing all she could.
  • Sometimes, it was said, he found a tourist foolish enough to purchase a selection of this rubbish.
  • We met in a small dusty Southern town halfway in between and stayed in a tourist home.
  • We stayed in a tourist home in Orlando and drove around the state to places of interest.
  • The purchases made by a tourist of clothing, curiosities, etc., are of course extra.
  • I had often visited it before in the character of a tourist and literateur, but never until now as a politician.
  • Only at rare intervals did an artist or a tourist seek shelter and hospitality at the old farm house.
  • At this moment a tourist, who had been wandering idly around surveying the scenery, saw the little girl and the goat.
  • On the fifth day he discovered a man, disguised as a tourist, his head enveloped in a steamer cap that reached below his ears.
  • If we had been on a tourist steamer we should have visited Pagahn, but then we should have missed seeing much human life.
  • In short, this region is one of the most interesting parts of Central Asia that a tourist can visit.
  • This was different from Paris, where she was more or less a tourist; but here, how long would she be left in peace without siege being laid to her?
  • But I remembered that I must do my duty as a tourist and see the lake, which even the postmaster had mentioned approvingly.
  • On the same shelf was a goose, wearing top-boots, the Ulster of a tourist, a bag fastened over his shoulder with a strap, and an eyeglass.
  • He submitted to the hold-up with a kind of dignity; looked about him with the air of a tourist; and paid less attention to the questions of the girls than he might have done.
  • But when all chance of a tourist had gone, and the palace was shut, I used to walk all about it in the rich May light, finding it a little creepy!
  • All your expenses we pay of course, and give you an honest salary; and all we ask of you is to explore more than a tourist would; and to send us a plain description of everything.
  • There were many going to make the trip to Mexico it seemed, and later the boys learned that a tourist agency had engaged passage for a number of its patrons.
  • We got stuck again in Fredonia, N.Y. by a two foot snowfall and had to spend the night in a tourist home as all the roads were closed.
  • Then he gathered up his toilet articles, bits of clothing he had left out until the last minute, a few souvenirs of Honduras he had been showing a tourist the evening before.
  • The car was open and of a tourist type, but even in that obscure light, for the night was moonless, an observer could hardly fail to have noticed a curious indefiniteness in its lines.
  • If, living in Italy, you admire Italian art while despising Italian religion, you are a tourist, or cad.
  • If, living in Italy, you admire Italian art while distrusting Italian character, you are a tourist, or cad.
  • An English naval officer leaned upon the back of her chair, and a tourist of the same nationality stood balancing himself against the rolling with his hand on the rail that ran along the deck-house.
  • Many a tourist, English and American, comes to the Lake Country to render grateful homage to those starry spirits who have clustered there.
  • It was bracing for Elsie; and it lay close to a tourist track where I could spread my snares and exhibit the Manitou in its true colours to many passing visitors.
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