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  • It was a vacuum cleaner!
  • Describe a vacuum arrester.
  • It cannot be shown in a vacuum.
  • One cannot keep up a grudge against a vacuum.
  • A vibration that defies a vacuum.
  • Learn to abhor idleness as nature does a vacuum.
  • She might have been walking in a vacuum of emotion.
  • My throat is as dusty as a vacuum cleaner.
  • I must get a vacuum cleaner!
  • There was a vacuum that extended clear to my toe-nails.
  • Nature abhors a vacuum, and so does the sane mind.
  • He opened a wall-panel and brought out a vacuum suit.
  • He opened a wall panel and brought out a vacuum suit.
  • Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.
  • Nature abhors a vacuum, and especially human nature.
  • After all, travelling in a vacuum seems rather pleasant.
  • But where can I get a vacuum?
  • Marya Konstantinovna, do you notice a vacuum in the hall?
  • Nature abhors it as much as she used to be supposed to abhor a vacuum.
  • They seemed to lie in a vacuum, in the very hollow of the storm.
  • The latter's conductor is fine iron wire in a vacuum.
  • The electric lamp burns on, just the same, because the light is in a vacuum.
  • We came there by a kind of natural law, like air rushing into a vacuum.
  • Marie's spread themselves through a vacuum as large as her life.

How To Use A Vacuum In A Sentence?

  • Now the dust is removed from the cushions and paddings by means of a vacuum arrangement.
  • A man in a vacuum suit does not push himself against a surface like that with any great velocity.
  • The coruscating gas creates a vacuum into which the air rushes with incredible velocity.
  • The propagation of sound waves in a vacuum may be said not to take place at all.
  • The interior of the tube is thus a vacuum into which at the two ends platinum wires extend.
  • We know that light will pass through a vacuum, and these electric waves would do likewise.
  • For only a vacuum can hold the sweet for ever untainted, or the bitter for ever unalloyed.
  • Nature always tends to fill a vacuum, and so the airplane is drawn upward to fill this space.
  • Descartes and Galileo had brought under criticism the ancient idea that nature abhors a vacuum.
  • He denied the Newtonian hypothesis as dangerous to religion, and because it necessitated a vacuum.
  • The new way is to cut it into strips, lay it upon steel trays, and place it in a vacuum dryer.
  • A vacuum cleaner, the first seen in Mariposa, hissed and screamed in the corridors.
  • This morning I cycled to Dundee and bought a knife-cleaner and a vacuum cleaner.
  • Got a swell little house in Yonkers, and a vacuum cleaner, and a hired girl, and everything.
  • I told all I knew, and a good bit more, and I sucked in information like a vacuum-cleaner.
  • Whence from that which has been said, it has no being, because where there is nothingness there would be a vacuum.
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