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  • He realized that he was in a vehicle.
  • It was a vehicle of derision.
  • Not a vehicle was to be seen on the streets.
  • They appeared to have a vehicle with them of some sort.
  • Frederick asked whether a vehicle was to be got.
  • He wished me to hire a vehicle and drive every day.
  • They looked on school life purely as a vehicle for ragging.
  • A word-square containing a unit, a vehicle, an epoch.
  • A vehicle passed out the road, and Sandy started up.
  • Never put your head or arms out of a vehicle when it is in motion.
  • A journal has been established to serve as a vehicle for this crusade.
  • It was impossible to secure a vehicle except at extortionate prices.
  • They would send down as small and inconspicuous a vehicle as possible.
  • At a considerable distance a vehicle was approaching at a spanking pace.
  • Words would be too faint a vehicle to express the anguish of my soul.
  • The poet must not use his verses as a vehicle of abstract thought.
  • She must wait until a vehicle of some sort passed and beg for a lift.
  • You'll find a vehicle at the magazine-office at three o'clock.
  • The Power has provided itself with a vehicle of manifestation.
  • Along the broad straight street not a vehicle, not a white man was to be seen.
  • A vehicle under us began to throb and move; you could have called it a truck.
  • The number, or rather the series of numbers, is less an object than a vehicle.
  • The next morning at daybreak Godfrey was placed in a vehicle.
  • At long intervals a vehicle rattled past, leaving a cloud of dust behind.
  • I put on these togs and we got a vehicle and drove around by the Exmoor road.
  • I could see a dark outline of what I thought must be a vehicle of some kind.
  • A vehicle often mentioned by Judge Sewall and contemporary writers is a calash.

How To Use A Vehicle In A Sentence?

  • The national tonality became to him a vehicle to be freighted with his own individual conceptions.
  • If the organ of sight is such a vehicle of power, the other features have their own.
  • The piratical old plagiarist of a vehicle was about to begin filching from another source.
  • In another carriage-house is a vehicle replete with historical and pathetic interest.
  • Then she heard the rumble of wheels, and knew that she was in a vehicle of some sort.
  • It was very still and his listening ear caught the buzzing hum of a vehicle behind him.
  • She drew her horse close to the side of the road; a vehicle of some kind was near her.
  • As a vehicle for wine, and as a restorative quickly prepared, it is all very well.
  • In him the comic is a vehicle for satire; and the satire gives pungency and body to the comic.
  • As a vehicle of her opinions, the scheme and style of the poem proved completely adequate.
  • I listened in vain for the rumble of a vehicle, or the dull clamour of a distant row.
  • Jacqueline, like her mother, rarely used a vehicle if a saddle-horse was at hand.
  • Passage to Calais; 14 hours for reflection in a vehicle that does not allow one power to reflect.
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