A Victim In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Victim | A Victim Sentence

  • She shall not be a victim.
  • I had been a victim to despondency.
  • He was not a priest while he was a victim in death.
  • You see before you a victim to circumstances.
  • Had he also fallen a victim?
  • There is a victim somewhere who is paying for it all.
  • I have become a victim to her glances.
  • You have been a victim of great temptation.
  • Freneau was a victim of this intense era.
  • A victim of love and treachery.
  • Laura was a victim of circumstance from the beginning.
  • I was not even a victim of the devil.
  • Chicago lake-wind claimed me for a victim.
  • She beheld him a victim to an artful woman.
  • He usually had a victim tangled in his web.
  • I fell a victim to a new ideal.
  • Paul was left a victim to perplexing thoughts.
  • But fell a victim at her sacred shrine.
  • She then fell a victim to the weapons of his men.
  • He was made a victim to court intrigue.
  • It is to cease to be a victim and to become a creator.
  • He became as red as a victim of apoplexy.
  • Does, my country need a victim?
  • One word more, he is a victim of morphia.
  • He fell a victim to late hours in the forenoon.
  • The devil might still be cheated of a victim.
  • Good fell a victim to his passion for civilised dress.
  • He had fallen a victim in that grim house of doom.
  • The truth is, he is a victim of opium.
  • I myself place on the lime-snare a victim of my selecting.
  • Maggie was a victim, and undoubtedly deserved sympathy.
  • Such a girl seldom becomes a victim of self-abuse.
  • Thou hast promised, but not yet offered him a victim.
  • The old sergeant was dead, a victim of the colonial wars.
  • She saw Maggie in the light of a victim.

How To Use A Victim In A Sentence?

  • The Cheyennes had there grilled a victim on the coals.
  • Since the beginning of time God had ordained him a victim.
  • I am a victim, but I will not be a dupe.
  • Mrs. Wentworth had fallen a victim to her folly.
  • In the proper sense of the word He was a victim.
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