A Weak In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Weak | A Weak Sentence

  • She had a weak heart.
  • Strong for a weak day.
  • Henery in a weak voice.
  • Hydrosulphuric acid is a weak acid.
  • She put on a weak smile.
  • Anton was still in a weak state.
  • Settimia asked in a weak voice.
  • Has a weak and wheezy voice.
  • She was a weak little child.
  • She was a weak-spirited creature.
  • Trent felt it was a weak ending.
  • Tackling proved to be a weak point with him.
  • Is he a weak young man?
  • A weak smile flickered on his lips.
  • Gordon called in a weak and shaky voice.
  • He felt a weak fluttering in his chest.
  • Are you a strong man or a weak one?
  • I am a weak man; he is not.
  • Why had she trusted a weak man like him?
  • He caught a weak but steady beat.
  • Oh! what a weak woman was she.
  • The effeminate man is a weak poultiss.
  • She made a weak gesture with her hands.
  • I have about decided upon a weak sort of compromise.
  • Any strong vowel dominates a weak one.
  • Vseslavovna asked, in a weak voice.
  • Each one makes a weak joint in your argument.
  • Then put them in saucers in a weak solution of iodine.
  • A splendid savage and a weak-kneed poet!
  • Then she put out a weak hand to push him away.
  • Better make a weak man your enemy than your friend.
  • They may give a weak imitation of discourse.
  • Pinned to the wall was a young man with a weak pale face.
  • It was altogether a weak, mongrel affair.
  • I, a weak and desolate boy of but fourteen.

How To Use A Weak In A Sentence?

  • A small tree or a weak wall yields before its mass.
  • He was like a weak-voiced cricket chirping in the sunshine.
  • His right hand fumbled in a weak attempt to cross himself.
  • Brinker never found a weak spot in the lunar crust.
  • The strongest mind sometimes is found in a weak body.
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