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  • He was on a wider path than that above.
  • It means a wider field.
  • He must have a wider experience.
  • My dream of a wider realm is over.
  • But the principle has a wider application.
  • He operates on a wider field.
  • Other poets have had a wider range.
  • But then came a larger and a wider thought.
  • That is a plea for a deeper and a wider life.
  • A wider and more comprehensive membership was a necessity.
  • This time he made a wider loop.
  • He desires a wider field of action.
  • A wider field of activity was necessary.
  • Now let us take a wider landscape.
  • They came without hindrance into a wider street.
  • She saw things under a wider sky and in a clearer light.
  • To institute reform successfully needs a wider spirit.
  • A wider period; turneth still and slow.
  • Sheh-retz" is employed in a wider sense than "reh-mes.
  • If victor here, He soon will find a wider sphere.
  • But Dave veered off, taking a wider course from the shore.
  • I should blame myself if our tie were to cut you off from a wider life.
  • But there is a wider way in which suffrage guarantees education.
  • Perhaps it is possible that youngsters have a wider outlook than their elders.
  • But there is a deeper and a wider sense in which, this is not so.
  • As a dooryard tree this species has a wider popularity than it deserves.
  • Their usefulness may be regarded as a warrant of a wider adoption of them.
  • D represents the blades with a wider spread as practically used.
  • Competition covers a wider range of time as well as of space.
  • A wider distinction must be drawn before we can find guidance.
  • A wider range of electives in college admission requirements.
  • It would save some confusion if this name had a wider currency than it has.
  • A turn brought them to a wider path which led directly to the building.
  • He has a wider world to draw from; she has need of more within herself.

How To Use A Wider In A Sentence?

  • There must be a wider width between the poles than is desirable in electromagnets for traction.
  • The problem was a wider one than the education of the rising generation in the schoolhouses.
  • But education increases the productiveness of labor in a wider and more extended sense.
  • It is an attempt to place the woman question in a wider and more decisive light.
  • He toiled downward and was soon in a wider cavern that was so cold that he was shivering.
  • Money is power, and those who have it exert a wider influence than the destitute.
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