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  • I am done for as a writer.
  • Also a writer on these subjects.
  • I should like to be a writer.
  • As a writer he is unrivalled.
  • He never yet has been a writer.
  • I have started out without a writer.
  • Concision is an excellent quality in a writer.
  • But it is as a writer that his name appears here.
  • Nature never designed me for a writer.
  • She wants me to become a writer.
  • She had not known that he was a writer of stories.
  • As a writer he was only beginning to be known.
  • I wonder what makes a writer of books!
  • As a writer he stands deservedly high.
  • The times were out of joint for a writer of his caliber.
  • This depends upon what a writer says.
  • It is hard to be an author and a writer, too.
  • This affords a writer a little leap of amusement.
  • Seldom does a writer actually give the world a new idea.
  • As a writer he shows great industry and poor judgment.
  • Perhaps he was a journalist, or a writer of guide-books.
  • Considered as a writer, she holds no mean rank.
  • That young man will go far as a writer of fiction.
  • Now, a writer does not analyze or separate his motives.
  • As a writer and a poet, he is no less favourably known.
  • I ought to been a writer; lots of folks have said so.
  • Why, this chap is a writer, or is trying to be.
  • A writer on the rites of Churches.
  • She was a woman of broad, intellectual mind, and a writer.
  • And Newman was making his mark as a writer.
  • On Burton as a writer we have already made some comments.
  • He was a scholar, a theologian, a writer, a preacher.
  • I did not know that Zula possessed any talent as a writer.
  • Philippa, I sometimes wish that you were a writer.
  • And that is why, to me, Dickens is so great a writer.

How To Use A Writer In A Sentence?

  • Penn was quite a writer (see Appendix).
  • A writer in the Quarterly Review, xxi.
  • I am a writer of plays, Mrs. Crawshaw.
  • A writer under the signature, "Leicestriensis," in vol.
  • As a writer for young people Mr. Otis is a prime favorite.
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