A Wrong In A Sentence

How To Use A Wrong In A Sentence?

  • He would give her a wrong idea of his character.
  • A wrong estimate always leads to a dangerous condition.
  • But inherently a wrong course, surely.
  • I began to stammer like a novice taken in a wrong.
  • The one is a wrong ideal, the other is a wrong principle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For A Wrong | A Wrong Sentence

  • I never did him a wrong!
  • It is doing us a wrong.
  • Cuno a wrong were they at all friendly with each other.
  • It is a wrong to our world.
  • Impatience is a wrong as great as any.
  • But this is positively a wrong idea.
  • I am fighting in a wrong cause!
  • There is a wrong; but where?
  • Said it was on a wrong basis or something.
  • Has any one done you a wrong?
  • It can not be right to do a wrong thing.
  • Is it the avenging of a wrong done?
  • We do ourselves a wrong in making this complaint.
  • Formal logic has a wrong name.
  • Betty thought it a wrong thing for me to do.
  • To do a wrong to this young innocent.
  • That was a wrong and a foolish answer.
  • And jumped to a wrong conclusion.
  • He told himself now that that was a wrong attitude.
  • But can your honour burie such a wrong?
  • So they have, if it is not a wrong.
  • You have a wrong sow by the ear.
  • He had been working on a wrong hypothesis all his life.
  • I never knew that life was such a wrong.
  • I have not extinguished the flame at a wrong time.
  • I have been looking for you all night under a wrong name.
  • It was only a mistaken loyalty to a wrong principle.
  • And right here there lies a wrong that should be righted.
  • It has developed a wrong sense of values.
  • Weakness always palliates a wrong choice.
  • Some farmers have a wrong idea about dynamite.
  • Had he ever done a wrong to anybody in business?
  • What we call sin is simply a wrong method.
  • She began to wonder if they had taken a wrong turn.
  • He approached the problem in question in a wrong spirit.
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