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  • He felt abashed before her.
  • I stood there abashed and in despair.
  • I am a little abashed as if in the presence of phenomena.
  • The psychiatrist looked both abashed and worried.
  • Jenny pushed rudely past the abashed gaffer.
  • I responded, abashed and awkward.
  • Then was sir Palomides abashed and said little.
  • My Pen is abashed to recount what actually took place.
  • It abashed poor Emil, but we managed to laugh at her.
  • Elinor was abashed before her mother, but she was not angry.
  • Eunice colored, and regarded him with a kind of abashed wonder.
  • I went under the door-lintel, and stood a little abashed before him.
  • I felt that she had beat me, and I sat down abashed and humiliated.
  • Even Stubbs seemed somewhat abashed by the king's manner.
  • Mr. Blackwell, abashed and perplexed, returned to his companion.
  • He retires, abashed and heartbroken, and Castero takes his place.
  • Mental and moral infancy stand abashed in the presence of nature's noblemen!

How To Use Abashed In A Sentence?

  • He meant to do his duty by her, but she annoyed and abashed him twenty times a day.
  • He was found out half a dozen times a day in dishonesty, yet was in no way abashed by it.
  • Truth to say, I was abashed by the silence which was her only answer to this sally.
  • The man, astonished and abashed at my kind words and appeal, slunk away and left me in peace.
  • I was abashed immediately afterwards, when I saw him advance towards my table with his friend.
  • To look of one abashed is impudence, When of slight faults he hath too deep a sense.
  • Mrs. Dennistoun gave him an abashed look, deprecatory and wistful, but did not make any reply.
  • There was an abashed silence when little Mr. Binney entered and flung his cap and gown on a chair.
  • And following his childishly enchanting game he began to feel rather abashed over what had brought him here.
  • Eleanor felt exceedingly abashed and displeased and discomfited at this extraordinary proceeding, but she did not know how to resist it.
  • Christian churches may compromise with images and side-chapels where the unworthy or abashed can traffic with accessible saints.
  • She was secretly proud although somewhat abashed at being seen walking back to the academy with the new principal.
  • For although abashed and discomfited by his repeated failures to make his feelings understood, he was more in love than ever.
  • Her cheeks were not red with that redness which has a permanency of tone, neither waxing nor waning, abashed in daylight.
  • M'Iver, not a bit abashed that a sneer was in his interjection and his master could behold it.
  • I rushed over as quickly as I could to a seat; all these people who stopped and stared at me abashed me.
  • He replied, not abashed but rejoicing, "We have sent the measles to humble them!
  • Count Kallash led her by the arm out of the crowd, which began to disperse, abashed by his appearance and air of determination.
  • I was observed to sob spasmodically, and I am abashed to think how many sincere persons mistakenly followed my example.
  • Hattie, somehow abashed by the mental impact of the little man, ate her pie meekly, and thenceforth waived the larger issue.
  • He was cordially greeted by Lysistra and seemed not at all abashed that Hermione gave only a sullen nod.
  • The difficulty lay in the fact that Margery impressed not only the world in general by her dignity, but abashed her ambitious parent as well.
  • He stood there alone, looking, with his great bulk, and his great strength, and his abashed bewilderment, rather pathetic.

Definition of Abashed

Embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed. | simple past tense and past participle of abash
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