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  • This stimulates the skin and abates the cold.

How To Use Abates In A Sentence?

  • In what hour The flood abates thou wilt have closed thy wings For ever.
  • The terrible blast sweeps on, but gradually abates its ruthless might, and by nightfall all is calm again.
  • It abates nothing from the force of these declarations that then, and for some time afterwards, Martineau himself accepted the miracles.
  • The absorption of light by both forms of this material abates reflection, and renders its proportions more clearly visible than any other substance used in building construction.
  • A moral taste is not of force to turn vice into virtue; but it recommends virtue with something like the blandishments of pleasure, and it infinitely abates the evils of vice.

Definition of Abates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of abate | plural of abate
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