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  • Its blazing heat was abating somewhat; its face was large, and red.
  • But thank God, it is abating and the dawn of a better day is in sight.
  • The bad weather abating in the afternoon, we went to the temple Nishi Otani.

How To Use Abating In A Sentence?

  • The only method of abating this power of Ignorance, is by increasing that of Knowledge.
  • When he emerged upon the flats he saw that it was no more than a squall and the wind was abating again.
  • But the rain gave no promise of abating and late that afternoon he altered the detail of his rebellion.
  • The most logical method of abating the fly nuisance is the elimination or treatment of all breeding places.
  • The condition of the Indians here at the present writing is very favorable, sickness is abating and their spirits are reviving.
  • When following an acute attack, we have the most marked symptoms of pain and distress, somewhat abating after the second or third week.
  • The fever, which now rose and fell at intervals, was usually highest during the forenoon, abating somewhat later in the day.
  • The rage of the elements, abating at last a trifle, had far exceeded the Captain's expectations.
  • Our business is, to leave to the schools the discussion of the controverted points, abating as much as we can the acrimony of disputants on all sides.
  • The chronicle of these fabulous times placed, soon after the abating of the waters, the foundation of a new dynasty, as extraordinary or almost as extraordinary in character as that before the flood.

Definition of Abating

present participle of abate | (rhetoric) Anesis.
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