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  • He permits abbesses to confess their nuns, conjointly with a priest.

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  • All the abbesses did not consider themselves slavishly bound to follow the uniform rule.
  • Pictures that one finds in history and fiction of lady abbesses rose before his mind; it was thus that he classified her.
  • Hence, the prohibitions we have quoted could not have been of unknown occurrence among the fellow abbesses of Thalassia.
  • For centuries the old abbey had royal princesses for abbesses and was one of the most celebrated religious houses in all France.
  • Princes and knights, highborn ladies, rich merchants, prelates, and abbesses bathed, jested, and led a gay life.
  • She became convinced that she had not been lawfully elected abbess and resigned, securing, however, a provision which made the election of abbesses a triennial event.
  • Roswitha tells us how much she herself owed to the two successive abbesses under whose rule she lived, for suggestion, information, and encouragement in her literary work.

Definition of Abbesses

plural of abbess
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