Abducted In A Sentence

Definition of Abducted

Having been kidnapped; having become the victim of an abduction | simple past tense and past participle of abduct

How To Use Abducted In A Sentence?

  • You know already that Stent and Bolinski were the two men who abducted your father.
  • So great was his, fear of being killed or abducted that he increased his body-guard to five hundred men.
  • Well, they had abducted their young woman and were in sight of safety and success in their objects, whatever these might be.
  • Had this early morning intruder abducted them both, or had they successfully hidden themselves until after he left and then, in a panic, fled?
  • Nora could not be moved from the belief that Courtlandt had abducted her; but Celeste was now positive that he had had nothing to do with it.
  • Shan Rhue would have had those cattle over the border in a day or two, had he not been so unwise as to have abducted Stella.
  • Now assuming that a wife is abducted or elopes, it is, I think, on the same persons that the duty of aiding the injured husband would fall.
  • Many are the traditions which tell of human infants abducted by the Korrigan, who at times left an ugly changeling in place of the babe she had stolen.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Abducted | Abducted Sentence

  • You have abducted me.
  • They abducted us, because they wanted you.
  • Robeckal abducted the poor child and brought it to Rolla.
  • Reine, abducted by Erebus, was the niece of the commander.
  • Was I not abducted in the heart of Paris?
  • You have been abducted from my house and brought here against your will.
  • There's a policeman here that accuses me of having abducted a child.

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