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  • So Abdul guarded the gate.
  • And at this Abdul fell to weeping again.
  • The trees of Abdul Azim are green.
  • I groaned, for I was getting as impatient as Abdul himself.
  • From what Abdul Rahim says, the price varies from 13s.
  • I am Signor Abdul Ricordo.
  • In the afternoon we went to see where Abdul Hamid was imprisoned.
  • Turkish nationalism was also frowned on by Sultan Abdul Hamid.
  • Johnstown flood, Abdul Hamid contributes to relief fund, 103.
  • Mulla Abdul Kadir Muluk Shah of Badaun was born at that place in 1540.
  • Oh, Abdul trod with a martial tread, Swinging his scimiter's weight.

How To Use Abdul In A Sentence?

  • At last about an hour before sunset Abdul came to me with his usual gay smile and happy greeting.
  • It was nearly pitch dark when we got out of Abdul Azim and the rain still fell heavily.
  • But when Abdul returned he commanded a small boy to follow Zhilin, and not take his eyes from him.
  • You are looked upon as a wise man, Abdul Kadir, and yet you have acted like a fool.
  • For the philosophical ideas of Akbar the best authority is his principal opponent, Abdul Kadir.
  • This was not realized in Europe, which came to fear Abdul Hamid as a sort of Mohammedan pope.
  • Such were the foundations upon which Sultan Abdul Hamid built his ambitious Pan-Islamic structure.
  • And it is said that Abdul has developed a very special talent for heating up the temperature for his Christian customers.
  • A Abdul Medjid, Sultan of Turkey (1823-1861), on question of Hungarian refugees, 373.
  • He had begun to make an excavation, but there was nowhere to hide the earth; Abdul discovered it, and threatened to kill him.
  • There was a frown on almost every forehead in their ranks, and Abdul Kadir could scarcely restrain his indignation.
  • As the regulations prohibiting me from accepting such honors did not apply to my wife, she graciously accepted this parting gift from Abdul Hamid.
  • Unlike his immediate predecessors, Abdul Hamid determined to use his position as caliph for far-reaching political ends.
  • Von der Doppelbauch strode noisily forward and came to a stand in front of Abdul with a click and rattle after the Prussian fashion.
  • The gilded dome is the shrine of Abdul Azim, and is a great place of pilgrimage of the picnic order from Tihran.
  • Within its circular depths I could see Abdul descending stealthily and slowly, his one free arm pressing a silken bundle to his breast.
  • Here I was at the outset, with the unhappy Abdul bent and broken with sobs which I found no power to check or control.
  • And then Akbar recounted the farewells of Aquaviva and Abdul Kadir, and the reflections to which they had given rise.
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