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  • To what monstrous aberrations has it not given birth!

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  • It has been asserted, doubtless with truth, that human aberrations are a misplaced worship.
  • Against their spiritual aberrations Luther proposed to wage war with his written and oral testimony.
  • Sight, for instance, is one of the most important of the senses, yet it is subject to many aberrations and inaccuracies.
  • It is just the knowledge of these aberrations which should serve to keep us from falling back into the errors and false principles of which they were the consequence.
  • I could come to no conclusion upon it save that my dislike for her enigmatic aberrations was becoming more intense as my liking for the girl herself increased.
  • It is in their knowledge of the aberrations of these, of the mad contortions that these lead to, that the other writers seem so especially simple-minded.
  • All his delineations are not successful; some are even unsuccessful: but the aberrations of his genius must be viewed in connection with the extent of the orbit through which it moves.
  • Despite the many charlatans who clothe their aberrations with its name, it is a sincere reaching forth of the creative will to find a medium by which the highest emotions may most perfectly be expressed.
  • But if the desire of every man to be somebody else accounts for many whimsicalities of human conduct and for many aberrations in the arts, it cannot be lightly dismissed as belonging only to the realm of comedy.
  • Peacock never plays the Jack-pudding like Sterne: and his shrewd wit never permits him the sincere aberrations of Amory.

Definition of Aberrations

plural of aberration
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