Abides In A Sentence

Definition of Abides

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of abide

How To Use Abides In A Sentence?

  • Adam has only the pride of an intellect which tests all things, and abides by its own insight.
  • The sin that pays their joys shall pass away and price abides to all eternity.
  • Beneath the robe you wear peace should abide, But peace abides not in such looks as yours.
  • Happiness, as Hesiod says, abides very far hence; and the way to it is long and steep and rough.
  • None but the aged leech abides with him, And Macro, trusted bearer of the keys.
  • In his temple, in his inhabited domain, The child, lord of knowledge, abides no more...
  • When she is laid down for repairs, he takes the nearest lodging on hand, and abides there till she is afloat again.
  • Its grandeur is beyond description, and can only be fully appreciated by one who abides for weeks or months in its perpetual twilight.
  • Later on we find that it is our own loyalty, our own love and charity in which our happiness abides, as the soul abides in the body.
  • The feeling of this solemnity abides through life with the men and women who have been bred as children on this north Antrim coast.
  • And such a feeling, which might even be called a dawning consciousness of self, abides within the soul through this union with the physical body.
  • May's whisper awhile, Abides and exults in the bud as a soft hushed laugh in a smile.
  • Never again think any to work aught kindly soever, Dream that in any abides honour, of injury free.
  • The fiery shadow of a name unknown Rose, and in song's high heaven abides alone.
  • The small, feminine imp, who abides with those who have beams in their eyes, and helps them to extract motes from the eyes of others, inspired me.
  • The true poets and even the true satirists abide, and both as a poet and a satirist Thomas Moore abides and will abide with them.
  • CHAPTER V. 1 Joachim abides the first day in his house but sacrifices on the morrow.
  • And I know that my Hester died of me; and day and night, asleep and awake, my soul abides in her remembrance.
  • Most people are conscious of the fact that in looking back upon their past lives, especially upon the days of their childhood, it is the sunshine that abides with them and not the shadow.
  • From the time that He makes His abode in the sinner's heart, He abides in it for ever.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Abides | Abides Sentence

  • He alone abides for evermore.
  • Whoever breaks law abides by it.
  • The witness reiterates his statements and abides by them.
  • But he is injured who abides in his error and ignorance.
  • The fragrance of their lives abides with us.
  • He abides by the letter of His word.
  • In the town of Deal abides that faithful wife.
  • Hard; yet abides this one duty, to do it: obey.
  • A toad abides the thoughtful recess broken under the wall.
  • However, nobody abides by it because we all give more voluntarily.
  • The world abides in night, nor watcheth for the signs.
  • For there abides a peace of Thine, Man did not make, and cannot mar.
  • The Spirit Abides 89 VIII.
  • The ideal spirit that abides unseen 'Mid rocks, and woods, and solitudes.
  • True love abides to th' hour of dying: False love is ever flying.

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