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  • There is ample evidence to show the administrative and financial ability of women.
  • He discounted the ability of his men to conquer, their equipment being so meagre.
  • This ability of two elements to unite in more than one ratio is very frequently observed.
  • The mere possession of property may or may not be an index to the ability of the owner to pay tax.
  • There can be no question as to the ability of the stronger Trusts to pay high wages.
  • He was a man of ability, of enlightened views, of indefatigable industry, and of an iron will.
  • Moreover, the ability of the Arabs to pay depended on their success as slave-hunters.
  • He assured the Khalifa of his loyalty, and of the ability of his tribe to repel the enemy.
  • The ability of amber, when rubbed, to attract straws, was also known to the early peoples.
  • This seeming to reflect on the ability of the pompous little Walter Skinner, he frowned.
  • Of the ability of the eminent Dr. Botta to write on this subject, it is almost needless to speak.
  • With the ability of the man of the world he drew the conversation to that which was nearest to his heart.
  • And the more you learn the nearer you are to the deadly ability of being able to foretell the future.
  • This variation is due to the difference in the ability of the soil to retain water after a rainfall.
  • When first discovered they were thought to be animals because of the ability of some forms to move about in liquids.
  • But laudable as was the ambition of the commanders, their ability of achievement was not in proportion.
  • But the thing which has greatest effect on the ability of the airplane to land easily is its own design and speed.
  • No limit can be set to the ability of the voice to improve its manner of tone-production by imitation.
  • The lads had shared many perilous adventures and each had implicit confidence in the loyalty and ability of the other.
  • This ability of outside capital to enter into competition will of course differ in different trades.
  • One field for the ability of the educated woman of our day is the making of a good home on a small income.
  • A government has no means of augmenting the ability of the former, or the willingness or courage of the latter.
  • Thus we cannot judge of the ability of persons to make exertions and continue them, by their stature alone.
  • Nevertheless he had sense to utilize the business ability of other men, and was a good accumulator of properties.

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  • The sea ran very high, the ability of our pilot saved us.
  • He notes, too, the financial ability of the French women.
  • Wickersham improved his opportunities with the ability of a veteran.
  • But we know that up to the ability of every being he should be taught.
  • I believe in you and in the ultimate ability of your country to govern itself.
  • Some doubted the ability of their country to effect her redemption.
  • He felt indignant at the ability of the other to buy hundreds of shares.
  • Vaguely she was conscious of ability, of a wonderful and undreamed of capacity.
  • He was a young man of unusual ability, of which he has always made the most.
  • Yet, upon the ability of the timber boss hung the lives of all the rescuers.
  • A fresh aristocracy of ability, of influence, of character was created.
  • He admired the ability of Yuma to stand up beneath his rain of rights.
  • The second was in underestimating the ability of Penny Nichols.
  • But the master of Europe underestimated the fighting ability of Spaniards.
  • The style and literary ability of John Blacman must be rated very low.
  • At his leisure, Mr. Tescheron now marvels at the great ability of Stevens men.
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