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  • Thunder-storms reduced her to abject terror.
  • To me a contented slave is an abject creature.
  • He grovelled in the abject terror of his petition.
  • Shall creatures abject thus their voices raise?
  • And abject from the Spheres.
  • What an abject heart has Judas!
  • The Jew was the most abject picture of terror I ever saw.
  • Want of money alone had placed him in his present abject position.
  • They appeared to be living in abject fear of this grim old nobleman.
  • He loosened his hold, and gazed into her face with abject horror.
  • Mag caught at her skirts, lifting her face in abject pleading.
  • A look of abject terror crossed the tired, tear-stained face.
  • In half an hour I was her abject slave, and proud in my serfdom.
  • He flung the two rolls in the Prince's lap and sat in abject misery.

How To Use Abject In A Sentence?

  • Such was the abject state they had been brought to by long-continued insult and oppression.
  • I shall be sorry to see you so unmanly as to sink down in the mildew of an abject melancholy.
  • There never was a mean and abject mind that did not admire an intrepid and dexterous villain.
  • The situation was too abject for words; he grinned vacantly and licked his lips.
  • Though he died in abject poverty, he did not leave a farthing of debt owed to any one.
  • Believe not them, whose interest it is To make him vile and abject as themselves.
  • Partly shocked, but more from abject fear, Hooliam collapsed with a brutish moan.
  • You have, before you, the lot prepared, By abject spirits not seen or shared.
  • But there are millions of poor people, abject people, dirty people, ill-fed, ill-clothed people.
  • In the one case, the conflict ends in practical Atheism, in the other, in abject Superstition.
  • Did John Steele notice that changed, abject aspect, that bearing, devoid totally of confidence?
  • He almost believes that the abject poor were invented to make him appreciate his good fortune better.
  • His punishment is the just reward for his iniquities, and we record almost with regret that he is not reduced to abject beggary.
  • The people were in the most abject slavery; their manhood had been taken from them by pomp, by pageantry and power.
  • Thus these craven spirits combined to delude and deceive the helpless woman of whom half an hour before they had stood in such abject terror.
  • Then he clutched the station agent, who sat with his head bowed on his hands, a picture of abject misery.
  • The room was loathsome, the smell overpowering, the look of abject and uncared-for misery sickening.
  • They were slumping against the Perseus' central charging plant in attitudes of abject despair.
  • The reproach of Christ is all turned into glory now; and it is very difficult to realise how abject the reality was.
  • He smiled at the sight of her, an appalling feat for a Seminole; and the smile confessed he was her abject slave.
  • This abject surrender of mine patently more astounded the company than had the accident to MacLachlan.
  • His face became blanched, and his hands shook in abject fear, although nothing else could have been expected from him, as he was an arrant coward.
  • Spenser, who endowed English verse with the soul of harmony while eking out a life of misery, finally died in abject poverty.
  • Even in her abject poverty, there had been something noticeable about Mag Henderson, aside from mere prettiness.
  • She had always been decent, in her way; whereas Bamtz was, not to mince words, an abject sort of creature.
  • Yes," she continued, excitedly, "I prayed to him in the most abject manner to leave me until my child was buried.

Definition of Abject

(obsolete) Rejected; cast aside. [Attested from around (1350 to 1470) until the early 17th century.] | Sunk to or existing in a low condition, state, or position. [First attested from around (1350 to 1470).] | Cast down in spirit or hope; degraded; servile; grovelling; despicable; lacking courage; offered in a humble and often ingratiating spirit. [First attested from around (1350 to 1470).]
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