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  • Mrs. Abner shook her curls in a way that made people overwhelm her with proofs.
  • No man could look upon him and accuse him of being afraid of Abner or of avoiding the issue.
  • Abner looked at the sheriff; Abner looked from one to another of the posse in silence.
  • But the other half was viewed by Captain Abner as something in the quarter-deck style.
  • Asa turned on his heel and walked into the square, removing his coat as he went; Abner followed.
  • Poor Uncle Abner paid for it with his reason, and, a few months later, with his own life.
  • Then Abner Hildreth entered the office, and for two hours was closeted with Braine.
  • The father of the Elmer born at Madison had been Abner Harkness, who was now dead.
  • In another field, Abner and John Henry, who had been to war, also discussed politics.
  • Here Abner was slain (2 Samuel 3:27), and the murderers of Ishbosheth were put to death.
  • Captain Abner now and then gave them an impatient glance, but the other couple did not regard them at all.
  • It was not that Abner delighted in the fruit of the vine nor the essence of the maize; he was a teetotaler.
  • And have you never heard him speak of his friend Mr. Abner Greenway, of Kingston, Jamaica?
  • He returned in less than five minutes, and announced that Abner was waiting with the provisions and the rope.
  • The same designation was given by David to Saul, by Abigail to David, by Abner to David.
  • To be frank, Abner was too great a sensation lover to forfeit the opportunity of springing his startling news on the community.
  • She was engaged upon some sewing on which her eyes were fixed, but her ears drank in every word that Abner said.
  • Now, losing his temper was not for Abner a matter of uttering a couple of oaths and of wrapping a hoe handle around a tree.
  • But Abner Hildreth held all his prospects and all his plans in the hollow of his hand, to do what he would with them.
  • Anna, too, heard Abner singing, as she knelt in front of the basket where the mother cat lay with her four blind kittens.
  • As he passed the potato patch, he heard Abner singing, without much tune to his voice, a song he had learned in the army.
  • Scattergood Baines noted that Abner called his brother by name as if desiring to avoid the matter of blood kindred; that he made no denial.
  • He had in his employ a young man of eighteen, named Abner Kimball, to whom he was compelled to pay ten dollars a month.
  • Yet Saul had forgotten his own armor-bearer and much-loved harpist, and was obliged to ask Abner who David was.
  • Esh-baal grew continually weaker, and his general Abner intrigued with David to betray him into the hands of the Jewish king.
  • As Abner Filbury had said, the steed was a mettlesome one, and soon Sam found he had all he could do to hold the horse in.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Abner | Abner Sentence

  • He beckoned to Captain Abner to step outside.
  • His name was Abner Batterfield, and he was a farmer.
  • It was Abner Peck, the farm hand.
  • That's a friend of mine, Cap'n Abner Budlong.
  • It is not possible to make Abner a new pair of trousers before he goes.
  • That's what Abner done, he laughed....
  • A stiff breeze was blowing, and Captain Abner was in his glory.
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