Abnormally in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Abnormally

1. Occasionally by abnormally wet weather. 🔊

2. His forehead also was feverish and abnormally warm. 🔊

3. In some perverse way his mentality was abnormally acute. 🔊

4. Evidently my sense of hearing had become abnormally acute. 🔊

5. Hypertrophied: abnormally large or excessively developed. 🔊

6. In the Punjab prices were abnormally high. 🔊

7. His arms were very long, and his toes were also abnormally long. 🔊

8. The feces were always hard and lumpy, and of an abnormally light color. 🔊

9. She was very affectionate, in her way, but abnormally old-fashioned. 🔊

10. But what he could see, with his abnormally quick vision, was sufficient. 🔊

How to use Abnormally in Sentences?

1. Nor need he be surprised at this abnormally cheap price, for they were not stolen. 🔊

2. Interest arouses abnormally concentrated attention, and this in turn is the cause of genius. 🔊

3. When pressed, the young man confessed the ownership of a pair of abnormally keen ears. 🔊

4. Trotman says it is a thoroughly severe attack, but not abnormally malignant, as he calls it. 🔊

5. One, I remember, had an abnormally rough and thick skin, had had it all his life. 🔊

6. The sexton was Simeon Pease, a little red-headed man, a hunchback, abnormally strong. 🔊

7. It was formerly the belief that this defect was occasioned solely by an abnormally high temperature. 🔊

8. That he felt himself abnormally methodic lay entirely in the fact that he watered the fern each day. 🔊

9. The numbness and exhaustion of other faculties had liberated his powers of observation, and at that moment they were abnormally acute. 🔊

10. Always abnormally quick to respond to the spur of stimulants, he was conscious almost instantly of added zest for the adventure. 🔊

11. Certain mental diseases, by abnormally stimulating the emotions, predispose strongly to religious fervor. 🔊