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  • Dabchicks abound in places.
  • The rivers abound in trout.
  • His opinions do not abound in displays of learning.
  • Its waters are perfectly clear and abound in lake trout.
  • Picturesque sights abound on the river, and the quays.
  • The churchyard appears to abound in ancient stone coffins.
  • Straggling cottages which bespeak neatness and comfort abound on every side.
  • They abound in all seas, and some species are found in fresh waters.
  • The people abound in diseases, specially of the eyes and bones.
  • Of course, they abound with eccentric abnormities and startling phenomena.
  • Indications of the changes which we consider improvements abound in Tihran.
  • As this period opens, comrades of the Apostles still abound in the churches.
  • The Saw flies (Tenthredo), etc., abound in our gardens this month.

How To Use Abound In A Sentence?

  • Traces of the splendid irrigation system under which it was once a garden abound along the route.
  • Its shores and islands will be found to abound in minerals whenever civilization reaches them.
  • The woods abound with a number of dangerous reptiles, such as centipedes and scorpions.
  • Large and small land turtles abound in that fiercely hot gorge of from 1000 to 2000 feet deep.
  • And I pray that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and in all judgment.
  • The coasts, bays, and rivers of that large island abound plentifully in divers and savory fish.
  • Its marge is extremely fertile in rice and other food products, which abound in the Bisayas.
  • When I was very young, I could soon help myself to fruits which abound on our trees.
  • We figure the Hop-vine moth and the larva (Fig. 265) which abound on hops the last of summer.
  • Their date is settled by the fact that they abound in unmistakable representations of the toothache.
  • History and modern life abound in illustrations of what can be accomplished by the combination of ambition and perseverance.
  • Of the capitals those on the west side of both transepts are of one style and abound in representations of the toothache.
  • His best works abound in combinations which may be said to be an epoch in the handling of musical style.
  • Margaret became very interested in the shops that abound under the colonnades and decided at last to make an extensive purchase of table glass.
  • They abound exceedingly at an early period, and dwindle to a much smaller number in the modern time.
  • They abound most in spring and autumn, laying their eggs at both seasons, though most commonly in the spring.
  • It is said that the state of manners in modern society would not bear those bold appeals to the passions which abound in the ancient orators.
  • The river now becomes very wide and deep, and the shoals near the banks, which abound in the higher reaches, are not so frequent.
  • Probably they will be eaten by the ants which abound there in summer; with what effect upon their digestion, I cannot conjecture.
  • The forests abound with many incorruptible woods, such as ebony, cypress, cedar, and small pomegranate trees.
  • In this section, wood is more abundant, pasturage excellent, and, consequently, buffalo almost always abound there.
  • Although the forms of angels are of such frequent occurrence in Mediaeval Art they seem to abound more especially in the fifteenth century.
  • Both sexes of the Humble bee, the Leaf-cutter bee, and other smaller genera abound during the warm days.
  • Chinese, although of late years drawn to this low-lying area, do not abound in these parts, and the Shan is therefore left pretty much to himself.
  • The Lebanon Ranges are very beautiful; they abound in aromatic flowers, and bees yield an enormous production of excellent honey.
  • The mountains abound in springs, but the supply of water is scanty and precarious, from the want of energy and skill in procuring that essential article.
  • It may be observed that while, the first verses abound in Romany words, I can find no trace of any in other child-rhymes of the kind.

Definition of Abound

(intransitive) To be full to overflowing. [First attested from around (1350 to 1470).] | (intransitive, obsolete) To be wealthy. [Attested from around (1350 to 1470) until the mid 18th century.] | (intransitive) To be highly productive.
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