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How To Use About Being In A Sentence?

  • He has it in for me because all the fishermen kid him about being run on the rocks by a girl.
  • He investigated and found that the fellow had told the truth about being his nephew.
  • We were worried about being separated from our group so struggled on as long as we could.
  • It is not every man who feels that he is a sinner because he talks about being one.
  • Wickersham growled something about being very busy, and rose and bowed the visitor out.
  • Here is a second difficulty about being, quite as great as that about not-being.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For About Being | About Being Sentence

  • Talk about being nervous!
  • And are we not now in as great a difficulty about being?
  • I am not so sure about being quiet.
  • Talk about being burned at the stake!
  • Something about being detained by a ghost!
  • You heard what he said about being a gentleman.
  • In spite of his story about being sick.
  • He murmured something about being very glad.
  • He goes about being needlessly brilliant.
  • Kathleen murmured something about being so very busy.
  • Also he had dreams about being a great composer.
  • Chuck all this cursed nonsense about being impossible.
  • Nicknack made no fuss at all about being unharnessed.
  • Ralph mumbled something about being on his way home.
  • I said something about being tired and went off to bed.
  • Jake's so particular about being legal an' all.
  • Just then she did not care about being with Nora.
  • Bruce had explained about being an A-tech.
  • I was talking so fast that I forgot all about being poor.
  • Don't talk about being rich.
  • What's this about being engaged to be married?
  • I've got it on you about being a stool.
  • I'd take my time about being married.
  • That story of his about being in quest of the boys is all a bluff!
  • Girls are often thoughtless about being noisy in the corridors.
  • She will not come in herself, because she is shy about being seen just now.
  • And we'd never thought about being hungry.
  • It's wonderful how he talked to me about being good.
  • He made some excuse about being tired and went out of the room.
  • You needn't mind about being unkind.
  • Faith forgot all about being tired and ran to the back door to look.
  • I just wanted to give you my lucky stone and tell you about being a baron.
  • After all, the great thing about being crazy is to be all crazy together.
  • Johnny don't care about being seen too much along of us.
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