About Five In A Sentence

How To Use About Five In A Sentence?

  • The drains should be about five yards apart.
  • About five miles away from anywhere.
  • Total length about five inches and a half.
  • He died about five months afterwards.
  • At about five in the morning his moaning ceased.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For About Five | About Five Sentence

  • I have about five thousand.
  • Length about five inches.
  • Do this for about five minutes.
  • He was about five feet long.
  • But it must be about five years.
  • Saw about five bushels of diamonds.
  • Length about five and a half inches.
  • Allowing about five per cent.
  • He was now making about five knots.
  • About five notes sounded.
  • Only about five per cent.
  • Two groschen are about five cents.
  • Treat in this manner about five minutes.
  • About five inches deep.
  • The cherub would be about five.
  • About five feet tall.
  • Pick out about five good ones.
  • About five miles and a half.
  • Thus about five minutes passed.
  • He had been in captivity for about five years.
  • He was back in about five minutes.
  • I was gone on my message for about five minutes.
  • He left about five minutes ago.
  • I guessed him to be about five-and-thirty.
  • It has been estimated that only about five per cent.
  • About five miles away from anywhere?
  • The audiobook comes out at about five hours.
  • I noticed about five men on that tug.
  • Place on the stove to simmer about five minutes.
  • From horn to horn was about five miles.
  • About five miles away from anywhere!
  • Here it is, about five feet down.
  • This usually takes about five minutes.
  • This jeopardy endured about five minutes.
  • About five hundred miles away.
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