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How To Use About Four In A Sentence?

  • We followed up the river for about four and a half miles.
  • The fall of the river is about four inches to the mile.
  • I got back to my room about four in the morning.
  • It is a large bird about four feet in length.
  • This takes place in about four or five hours.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For About Four | About Four Sentence

  • See you at about four?
  • It goes through here about four.
  • It was then about four in the morning.
  • Length about four feet.
  • She was about four years old.
  • Marise had said she would be there about four.
  • It should be light in about four hours.
  • We had in all about four hundred guests.
  • He was cured in about four months.
  • This totaled about four dollars.
  • They went on for about four hours.
  • It weighed about four pounds.
  • Size about four by three inches.
  • About four hundred pounds.
  • It is about four miles long.
  • The jar itself was about four feet high.
  • Outside, it was about four in the morning.
  • He continued in the discharge of them about four months.
  • It was written about four thousand years before the other.
  • Our only trouble will be a swim of about four miles.
  • We had only about four dollars cash left.
  • Only about four inches divides the nets.
  • The distance was about four hundred yards.
  • He had now remained about four hours on the bank!
  • The wax should be bleached in about four weeks.
  • There was about four inches of snow on the ground.
  • Each tube is about four inches long.
  • There were only about four thousand men a side.
  • The man had come to the door about four in the afternoon.
  • About four notes can be extracted by a skilful player.
  • I think to live about four or five days.
  • There is a ship ashore about four miles away.
  • The rods running up and down are about four inches apart.
  • The other parts will be meat for about four or five weeks.
  • The space allowed her was about four feet by six.
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